I wrote this before my trip to Denver and was getting ready to post it when we lost power.  Hello everyone and I’m sorry it took me so long to get back on-line. After getting to Rhode Island I was really trying to get the house packed but with all the kids here I have had to do a lot of cleaning and laundry, it is slow going. I heard a few days ago that a few places still didn’t have power after the tornado and storms went through WV. I’m going to leave the piece as I originally wrote it, so here it is and thanks you all for your good wishes after Stephanie’s post. I don’t think I could live in the Tornado alley area of our country after my lucky brush with one, I’m in awe of those who live there and I sincerely wish continued safety to you.

Ok so I’m still doing laundry and getting ready to leave, headed to Denver and RomCon. I won this book in the Easter Blog Hop along with some very tasty chocolate bunnies, still working on the bunnies they are so good. So on to todays review.

 As I said I won this one in the Easter Blog Hop. Got to state that for the FTC rules.

Secret Love by Fiona McGier.

This story is about a spy – Sheena who after 12 years of service is beginning to get burn out. She’s done, when her contract is up she not renewing it, she’s ready to settle down maybe.  Sheena is in Berlin at a Spy safe house when she meets our hero – actor Cory Woods while he’s filming a Spy movie. Talk about a powerful first meeting.

Sheena was raised in the mid-west and seduced/recruited right out of college. Cory was raised in an open love commune. Their different backgrounds help give this story it’s spice.

In the beginning Sheena is so in control, she is used to having to be always in control, it’s been conditioned into her. She does learn to share being the alpha with Cory when she receives a new assignment. So she moves the party to Cory’s place and disappears with the morning mist.

In part two – Sheena is still a kick – ass spy working undercover when she meets up with Cory again. As the story progresses and their relationship develops Sheena seems to me to become the lesser Alpha almost but not quite the Beta and I wanted her to stay the alpha but at the same time since we know she is tired of being a spy you can understand where she can give up always being in control. So depending on how you want to interpret that may determine how well you like the story.

I found the story to be exciting at times, funny at times and sad too at times. The story is believable except where she sometimes tells Cory about her work. I know hearing the details make the story move and exciting but the life long Navy wife in me is screaming shut up – no details — TMI– Loose Lips Sinks Ships!!!! My husband has gone places and done things he canna and willna tell me about because he isn’t allowed to and it’s for my safety that he doesna, I don’t even ask even now that he is retired. It keeps me and this country safe and has been drilled into him from day 1, so I found that part of the story did not ring true for me.

They like to have a lot of sex in this story but then they are like honeymooners and Cory likes to go around his place naked. He is comfortable in his skin and hey, I didn’t mind it from the cover and Fiona’s description he has a great body.

The secondary characters, how they are described, and how they interact with our hero and heroine are done very well. There are also some surprises in the book that help move the story along. I do wish that at the beginning of each part that Fiona McGier had put a time frame before the story continued as time had passed between part one and two. In truth a year had passed and you don’t realize it right off the bat.

Overall though this was not a bad read, and I really did enjoy our hero Cory Woods…just wait until you hear his story, remended me of a college boyfriend. As I said, I won my copy on the Easter Blog Hop from The Blog Spot. I’d give it a three and three-quarters tail swishes. I’m going to leave it to you to decide if this is the book for you. There are some good parts I did not mention because of spoilers and its best not to tell all the best parts, but I looked at the price and I don’t think I would pay that much for this book. If you found Secret Love on the bargain shelf or you had a coupon I’d say go for it.

Now I am willing to send one lucky person my copy that I read to share the love, sorry but the yummy bunnies stay with me to find their way into my belly! So if you think you would like to read this please leave a comment.

Official snippit from Fiona’s site.

It didn’t take long to see just who it was the women were talking about. He was
much more attractive in real life than he was in movies. Not that Sheena had
much time or use for movies, but she did live on the planet Earth, and he’d been
in a couple of big releases that had made him internationally famous.

He was tall and dark, his skin a reddish-brown color that bespoke of his Native
American ancestry. He filled out his clothing well; the rolled-up sleeves on his
casual jacket showed muscular forearms hinting at even more toned muscles hidden
by his shirt. His broad shoulders made Sheena drool, as she imagined herself
held down by those strong arms. He had fairly long straight black hair that
shimmered like black silk whenever he turned his head. His eyes were dark and
inquisitive as he scanned the place for a seat.

She could feel herself growing warm and moist as she watched him walking over to the bar. She knew he
was having that same effect on most of the women, and on quite a few of the men
as well.

Well now, if you aren’t the answer to my current dilemma?
Getting you into my bed tonight would be a real coup! You don’t have the
reputation of being a player, and there’ll be lots of competition, trying to get
to you first! I just love a real challenge!

At that moment he finished ordering his drink and looked around the bar. He met her gaze and there was a
glint of interest, then what appeared to be a challenge from him.

Sheena felt herself getting even more interested. Okay, then, the game’s

It seemed odd for someone so famous to be unaccompanied by
security of any kind, but a quick glance at the door told her his guards were
there, being detained because of the weapons they were trying to enter the place
with. After all, what was the point of a safe house for agents, neutral ground
for everyone to feel secure on, if anyone, especially amateur muscle, could just
stroll in with major weaponry? And of course since his security men weren’t
agents, just hired guards, they had no idea what some of the people in the bar
might be capable of.

Sheena chuckled to herself thinking about what the
few she recognized, and she herself, were able to do to someone with their bare
hands—no weapons required!

In the meantime, the adorable American actor
was being set upon by would-be suitors, almost like jackals on a dead thing.
They circled him, making their moves with all of the subtlety of a sledge
hammer. For his part he was gracious, but firm; he declined everyone’s offer and
asked just for some privacy.

Eventually his guards were able to move in
to sit close enough to scare away the civilians. The only other real challenge
to her getting through to the object of her interest was a German agent she
recognized from an assignment a couple of years ago when she’d worked with him.
Since the actor wasn’t known for being gay, she figured that meant she had a
clear shot at him. She spent a minute figuring out how to approach

When she looked over at him again, she was surprised and amused to
find that he was watching her almost expectantly.

Hello, Mr. Gorgeous!
You are almost making it too easy! The direct approach it is then!

She got up and walked toward the back of the bar, as if she was heading to where the
restrooms were located. At the last minute she ducked past the security guys and
walked directly up to him. He’d been watching her walk, with a small smile
playing around his lips…those kissable-looking lips.

She quickly closed the distance between them then pulled his head down and kissed him. Since he was
sitting on the stool and she was standing, they were about the same height. He
tasted good, like the beer he’d been drinking, a touch of garlic, and a very
sexy man.

When she drew back he had a surprised look on his face. She
felt the animosity being directed toward her from the guards behind her, but he
looked at them over her shoulder and shook his head. Instantly the hostility
level lessened and the part of her that had begun to tense in
reflex-anticipation was allowed to quiet down.

“ Not much of a conversationalist, are you?” he teased in a low, sexy voice. “Not one to bother
with pick-up lines, or even so much as a by your leave, before you make your

She smiled at him, tossing her long red hair back.

“ I was just on my way to the ladies room. And I noticed you watching me. So I figured
I’d answer the question for both of us.”

“ What question is that?”

“ What you taste like,” she purred at him.

The heat playing back and forth between them was making her sweat with anticipation. Her nipples
had puckered to rock-like hardness, and she was glad she had a bra on to stop
them from tearing through her dress. Warmth was beginning to spread through her
abdomen, and her inner thighs already had a heightened sensitivity, making her
lace thong feel maddeningly restrictive.

“ Can I guess what the second question is?” he asked, while his hand raised goose bumps along her skin,
trailing a path from her neck down her arm, ending with her hand. He raised her
hand to his lips, gently kissing the back of her knuckles, and smiled at

When she nodded, he said, “Can I have some more?”

She gave him a very serious look. “That depends.”

“ On what?”

“ Why don’t you let me finish my trip to the bathroom, then we can talk about that when I
get back?” she said with a smile, licking her lips.

“ What can I get for you to drink?” he asked.

“ Just tell the bartender it’s for me and he’ll know,” she answered.

“ But what’s your name? Who do I say it’s for?”

She thought for a moment, before replying.

“ Lenora.”

You can go here to check Fiona out.   http://www.fionamcgier.com/index.html

Happy Thursday everyone.

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