Ok so it took me a while and I had to have help getting it uploaded but here is one link  http://youtu.be/vxW-2qk1enM

or we can try this one.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxW-2qk1enM&feature=youtu.be

Well, my voice is scratchy and Miss Stephanie my gel Friday moved the camera around at the end but it’s not to bad. I do look so old though, but I am going to be 48 soon, oy!  Oh and when the two of us couldn’t get it uploaded to save our lives in walks Denny and says let me do that. And Boom Badda Bing – it’s done! I picked that excerpt because it really showed how Grace was stronger than even she suspected. It was the  first thing that stood out in my head when I was trying to figure out what to read. I have to say Maya can write some real kick-ass heroines. Look for my review of Echoes at Dawn soon.

Z Seawitch