Contest #1  :  Ok here are a series of pictures, some are from my birthday and some are not, you have to guess which ones I did on my birthday.

Contest #2  :   You have to put the pictures in order of what you think I did that day. You have until Wednesday  Sept  5th to guess. I have a few books to give away to those that come the closet to getting things right.  If you have any questions put them in your comments but no trying to trick me into telling you what I did or the order.

Contest #3  :  You get to make up a fantasy birthday day for me…. That’s right did I win the lottery, go on a trip to Ireland or Spain or take a cruise….it’s up to you; the one I like the best will win this one!

  Pic #1 Wirt County Morning

  pic #2  Yard Sale Booty

   Pic #3  The Pool

   Pic #4   Hayfield

   Pic #5  Cross Country Meet

   Pic # 6  Good Night Moon

    Pic # 7  Birthday Cake

    Pic #8  Cousin Jessie

    Pic #9  Reading at the Beach

Here is whats up for prizes…some of my favorite books by my favorite authors and friends.

   Haunted Warrior by Allie Mackay with a signed book-plate and bookmarks.  Allie/Sue-Ellen will be here Wednesday so do stop back by.

  A Signed Warrior’s Redemption by Melissa Mayhue  a Warrior’s  Novel

  Charmed By His Love  by Janet Chapman a Spellbound Falls Novel

We all know I love my Highlanders they are my absolute favorites but lets throw in some modern-day warriors in shall we.

  Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banks a KGI Novel

   Last Man Standing  by Cindy Gerard  a Black Ops novel

And some warriors can even change shapes……..

   BloodRight by Karin Tabke  a Blood Moon Novel

Here’s a warrior from the Wild West by another of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet. Yes I have met all of the above authors. Most in person or I’ve been corresponding with them for a few years and consider them my friends. Everyone of them are great authors and even greater ladies.

    Love On the Line  by DeeAnne Gist.

Canna wait to see what you all guess and what you come up with for my fantasy birthday day! Contest is open to wherever the Book Depository will ship.

Z Seawitch