Good Morning everyone, sorry to be getting this out late.

Ok so here are some of the things I did on my birthday. You are all going to be surprised!

    Pic # 5  I started my day with a quick McD’s breakfast then Denny, Ephraim(birthday boy) and I went to watch our son DJ run in his cross-country meet in St. Mary’s, WV; he finished 192nd, only about 10 min behind the leader. Not bad for his first ever meet. He’s the tall one in the middle back. Our daughter Babe is in the jeans to the right side, she ended up as team manager as she couldn’t finish running a 5K with-in the time period.

   Pic #2  We then stopped at a yard sale at the Mt. Zion church where I picked up these two Pfaltzgraff dish sets for $25.00 each. One set was mostly dishes the other set came with the platters and serving bowls as well. That was my birthday present from Denny. We then got hotdogs with sauce , some no-bake cookies and a german chocolate from their bake sale for lunch.

  Pic #4 When we got home Denny’s da called and said they needed help in the hayfield so we went to help load up the hay. I drove three different trucks around the hayfield while they loaded up the bales. Yep that’s me driving Denny’s truck while he stacks in the back. It was fun and not to hot and the best part was no snakes coming out of the hay.

    Picture #8 Then we went to Wal-Mart to get Melty Cheese and Macaroni because that’s what Ephraim wanted for his birthday dinner, I also picked up corn dogs which he told me were yummy and thanked me for adding them. While we were there we ran into his cousin Jessie 4 times while shopping, it was so funny we started saying ” You’re it!” as we ran into each other. She was wearing her leg brace that day and she was limping a bit more than usual, which is a concern but hopefully her angle will feel a bit better soon. I picked up Ephraim an Angry Birds game that he has been enjoying playing. You set it up then launch birds to try to get the pigs, he loves it. I had bought him one but left it in Rhode Island.

    Pic # 3 After our dinner we went and checked into the Holiday Express in Mineral Wells and brought the kids and my Twin niece and nephew down to swim for a while before they headed home to bed.  Pictured from the left is my daughter Maddy and my nephew Jack, sitting in front of them is my son the birthday boy Ephraim. Then me, behind me making muscle arms is my middle son Zack then my granddaughter Bianca sitting and my niece Lily sitting in front of her.

   Pic #6 Then Denny and I enjoyed the evening alone, not having to share a twin sized bed as usual, it was heaven to sleep in a big bed, sleep in and not have to cook breakfast the next morning. We had sparkling grape juice and assorted meant and cheeses on french bread as a snack before bed.

I so canna wait to bring our King – sized bed home, hopefully this trip from Rhode Island.

So there you have it the answers to what I did on my birthday. Oh I bet it surprised you that we didn’t have that cake, nope we ran out of time if the kids were going to swim before bedtime. That picture with the three of us and the cake was from the weekend before when we celebrated all of our birthdays at Denny’s sisters.  When the kids got home from swimming some had cake and some went straight to bed.

Yes I tricked you all on that one, sorry, no cake on my birthday for me. And the Wirt County morning was taken at my mother – in-laws, she lives up on Courtney Ridge. We hope to buy some property up there and build. I’ve walked up to the top, it’s the highest spot in the county and the views are loverly. I’ll post some more later.

So the answer to Contest #1 is     2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8   Winner was Connie Fischer she correctly guessed five right.

The answers to Contest #2 is  5, 2, 4, 8, 3 & 6.  There were several of you who got three right & in order (7 in fact) without putting a correct one in the wrong order first…did that come out right???because I know what I mean.  So because that was hard getting them in order all who guessed 3 wins. Our winners are   Jennifer Tipton, Rao, Michelleann Oboyle, Leahluvsmedieval, LibraryPat, Cathy P and Catslady .

This next one was the hardest to decide because they were all great fantasy birthdays I would love to have. Thank you all for all the wonderful wishes. There was one fantasy that really hit a chord with me and it was by Leahluvsmedieval and here it is.

Contest 3: While on a trip to Scotland, you find yourself meandering through an old castle and when you turn a corner, you find yourself back in time (pick your year). The good thing is you have a tooth-brush, tooth paste, hair brush, and baby wipes in your bag, along with some other travel size items. It just so happens that you run into the medieval equivalent of your husband (himself in his previous life) who takes pity on you and helps you through your stay (say, just a weekend visit) where you get to meet and speak to someone from the past that you admire. You also get to see some sights that you have always dreamed of. You can fill in the blanks as to what may or may not happen with your equivalent medieval husband in his past life. The last day of your stay, you are walking to the great hall when you turn the corner and find yourself standing there with your husband in the now. He is kind of shaking his head and telling you that for some odd reason, he is feeling like he’s been here before. You just stand there and smile……

In true Allie Mackay fashion…I loved it!!!!

Now there were some honorable mentions both Stephanie and I also liked Library Pat’s she had a grand idea of a nice long and fun trip. I also liked Dianne Sallans and both Steph and I liked Jennifer Tipton’s, they both sounded like so much fun. Connie Fischer had me giggling because while Denny would go on a nude beach I wouldn’t because I hate to be without clothes on. The minute we stepped on the beach it would clear of people all running away screaming so then it would become a private nude beach…I think I could do that, but it did sound relaxing. And Lexi had a fun family one that my kids would definitely enjoy and CathyP, yes Denny taking care of the kids all day for me would indeed be a fantasy come true. Roa I would love to stay in a castle!

Thank you all for the good wishes and the wonderful fantasies so everyone who didn’t win above ( winners are in bold type) please send me your snail mail addy with Extra Winners in the subject line and you will receive a mystery book from me, after all everyone sent me good wishes and it’s my birthday and I can do that.

To the above winners as you email me I will  send you back the list and let you pick which book you win until they have all been chosen, please send me and email at  Seawitch Reviews @ yahoo . com with contest 1, 2 or 3 in the subject line, please don’t leave your addresses in the comments shoot me and email.


Z Seawitch