Good Morning Everyone. Happy Monday to you all, I’m leaving the post as I wrote it from the road. We left Friday for Rhode Island…we really have to get our old house finished packed and emptied, I so want my bed. So here it is:

Denny and I are still on the road, we are leaving Peoria, Illinois this morn, hopefully we will be home tonight but if not we will be home by Weds. We flew into Chicago last Thursday morning and bought Denny a Valkyrie for his retirement gift. We then decided to make a spur of the moment trip to California to surprise my family.

Denny outside of Chimney Rock

I hope everyone has enjoyed their labor-day weekend and the official close of the summer. I have so enjoyed this last-minute motorcycle trip, even though we didn’t get to California to see my family. The siblings were not behaving for Gel Friday so we turned around at Douglas Wyoming. I do have a surprise though, I did manage to finally meet an author friend we all know Reid Lance Rosenthal.  Reid and company were so very kind as to let Denny and I pop in and visit for a wee while, it was a loverly afternoon with Reid feeding me some elk with noodles and vegetables( glad to see he does eat his veggies!) as per his promise( a man of his word he is.) and to my delight as well.  As well as the best fruit salad I have ever eaten in my life, it was so good and everything was so ripe especially the plums and melon. It must have been Kismet because he had peppermint ice tea too, one of my favorites.

Reid and Zina outside his home in the back yard

Denny and Reid enjoyed talking politics and it’s nice to know we and  Reid see eye to eye on many subjects. Reid said ” They should let me be President for one day….by the end of it they would either love me or kill me.”  I say that all the time because I feel I could fix some of the things wrong , maybe Reid should run for President and I can be Vice – President

How is this for a campaign picture?

with Denny being in our Cabinet. Reid is very insightful and his knowledge of things going on in this country is well, he’s extremely intelligent that’s what I’ll call it.  Some of the things he talked about and things I would like to see changed well…..That’s all the politics I’ll discuss here.

This is the first time I’ve gotten to meet an author outside of a conference setting and it was indeed a great experience. As we were sitting at his table talking about my favorite parts of Maps Of Fate, Reid looked out the window and drew our attention to a bobcat strolling through his yard and past his deck area. It was so cool to see and I managed to get a picture with the phone, it’s not very good and it’s of its back-end but it is what it is a butt shot.                

We also saw lots of antelope but no pictures of them I’m afraid, most of my pictures from this trip I took with my camera going between 65 and 85 mph from the back of the motorcycle. I even did some texting and email checking with a death grip on my phone. Reid gave Denny and I his book Land For Love And Money, which I had been thinking about picking up a few days before seeing Reid.  Generous man that he is he also sent with me a copy of Threads West and Maps of Fate to giveaway on the blog, so look for that later this year.  Here are more pictures from our trip, enjoy!

If you look close at the pics of Reid and I you will see my arms were sunburned…yeah forgot the sunblock the first 3 days and my arms went numb they hurt so bad from the burn.

This is me after 3 days on the bike, my tushy hurt so bad as well as the sunburn on my arms.

First look at Chimney Rock as we drove by.

Cute British/Canadian guy and his dog Max, took the pic for Stephanie.

Senic View

Some really cool formations in Wyoming

Can you see the wee plant growing on top?

We spotted a rainbow leaving Wyoming.

Then the further down the road we went we were treated to some beautiful rainbows on the other side of the road that was connected to the wee small one you see here.     if you look close you’ll see it was a double rainbow.          

Zina with her Willie Nelson braids when we stopped at Chimney Rock on the way back home.

Yes, a truck stop had my favorite game…Monster Madness…I placed 5th here and first at another truck stop.

Gloaming the night before we arrived home, these were in Illinois or Indiana.


I really enjoy traveling this great country, seeing all the different areas of our majestic land and my visit with Reid. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.

Oh and before I forget, on our way out west Denny and I stopped in Tiffin, Iowa at a wee little place called Jon’s Ice Cream Store and Restaurant. Denny thinks it was Joe’s but when I looked it up online it said Jon’s.  We had the best BLT sandwich I’ve ever had with the best, reddest and juiciest tomatoes I’ve had on a sandwich. It’s located just off I – 80 if you ever go that way in the summertime when the maters are fresh.

We didn’t get to stop at John Wayne’s Birth Place which is in Winterset Iowa…..ah the duke, I love that man – the embodiment of the West and I did enjoy my stop there 9 years ago.

Guess what???? it’s later this year!!!!  I did something unbelievable on the back of Denny’s motorcycle and if you can guess what is  I will send you the copies of Thread’s West and Maps of Fate that Reid gave me to give away.

        If more than one guess correctly I’ll draw from those guessing correctly.      

S Seawitch