Sorry Everyone, I’m behind in my posting.

I was working on posts last week but I lost my internet on the road.  Such fun, we got a lot of the house packed up but there is still the attic, a bedroom and two garages to go. Oy! Oh and a car to haul too. This trip we decided to take the round about way so as to miss the Jersey turnpike and NY city since we’re hauling a 35 ft trailer so we went through Scranton and we passed by a followers town, or at least a sign to exit to go to the town. I did wave as we went by the sign MicheleAnn. Just as we went through Scranton and starting thinking about stopping for the night we were hailed by a trucker, we had a tire fly of the trailer at about mile marker 164.5, we didn’t even notice but thank goodness the trucker let us know because one side was listing pretty bad and the other tire on that side wouldn’t have lasted too long.

The next morning we unhooked and went to see about finding new studs so we could put on the spare, it is not easy to find studs for a trailer tire let me tell you, we had to go to 4 places before we found them.  We also found our tire that flew off, it was just sitting there leaning up against the guard rail like it was waiting for us to come get it, what luck for us that it was undamaged. I left the grandkids in RI because I had a feeling something was going to happen on the trip and I was right to listen to that Karma or Kismet feeling. So we were able to pound in the new studs put the old tire back on and drive the rest of the way home without incident, yeah. So Saturday we unpacked the trailer most of it going into storage and the rest in the house. No you can barely walk through the house so I’ll be working on unpacking today and tomorrow and on until I get it done. Good news is I got our bed put up after cleaning it up, it started to get a little mold on it from being stored in the basement in RI. It feels so good to be in a big bed again.     As you can see it pretty much takes up most of the diningroom which is our temporary bedroom until we can expand the house.

And look even my cat Tiger is happy to be home.

So Sunday I decided we would go on a train ride, you all remember I featured the trains here when Denny retired so we drove over to Durbin, WV and took a ride on the Durbin Rocket, here are some of the pictures I took.

  The Durbin Rocket     Ephraim is waiting to get on, he was so excited.   

   Tickets please!!    Here is an old phone or telegraph poles or wires.    Here we are at the little creek we stopped at for a break.           The oldest son hunting for treasure……   here it is…crawdads.  Well time to get back on the train to head back. Here is a look from our car up to the front as we start around the bend.       Here we are in the open car behind the engine, the coal dust is falling all over me like ash fallout.      Here was our engineer, he was a nice man, they all were.

  Here was a tub out in the woods…nah here just like at  home they use them as horse waterers.  Took this here at this little creek where we stopped to refill with water for the engine.          

Well there you go our train ride and now for our winners.

Yes I fell asleep on the back of Denny’s bike. I kept waking up when my helmet hit his, he was a little worried about me falling off but I just couldn’t stay awake. The second day I snored a few times he said but I have perfected sleeping while sitting up.  So we had a few who guessed and the winner is Carol L., congratulations Carol, email me your snail mail with Reid’s winner in the subject line please. Seawit ch Reviews @ Yaho

Now there was two more winners for these comments…. Leah, I did bring 3 books to read but I was afraid they would fly out of my hand to be lost forever so I decided not to attempt it….but I did take out my expensive phone…go figure. And Lexi…you naughty girl, how did you know that crossed my mind???? I didn’t do it of course but it did cross my mind.

So Lexi and Leah email me your snail mail and I’m sending you two a mystery book.

Have a great week everyone!

Z Seawitch