Yesterday Morning this is what I saw from my MIL’s. I wish we had our property up there with a house but our 6 acres sits empty.  But how often do we really see the beauty around us? When we take the time to stop and open our eyes to really look.  I love the mornings and the evenings or the gloaming as my friend SE calls it.  Yesterday as I drove up Courtney Ridge to pick up Liz for school the sight of my little town shrouded in mist took my breath away. Kinda like my own Brigadoon( one of my favorite movies). Here are the shots I took with my phone’s camera. I hope you like them, they aren’t as good as they would have been if I could find my camera but still it was lovely yesterday morning.

Also sorry I haven’t posted any reviews, every time I go to work on one something pops up, like now Denny wants me to hurry so we can go to town so it’s picture day today.

                                                           When I drove the kids to school the high school area was shrouded in mist and the church looked so pretty, better than what my pictures came out looking .

          These next ones are of the church next to my house.


Sorry everyone, Denny says it’s time to go so I gotta run. I promise, reviews soon.

Z Seawitch