I love Nina’s Castle of Dark Dreams series. She does a great job with the paranormal genre. And Edge…goodness we’ve met Edge before if you have read this series. I was so glad to see him get a story.

Wickedly delicious fun, suspense and humor in classic Nina Bangs style. You can never go wrong with her books. Hands down one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Edge is a very powerful Cosmic Troublemaker and he’s Death, yes Death. When the “Big Guy” needs someone put down he sends in Edge. But Edge has been killing for centuries and he’s starting to get tired of being death, it no longer gives him the immense pleasure it once did, like in the beginning. Like I said Edge is very powerful as powerful as our old friend, cosmic trouble maker Ganymede and so it is surprising to see Edge fall to a compulsion to KILL Ganymede that he can’t seem to fight.  Someone is messing with the world as they know it and they want to tear that someone to shreds and scatter them to the wind.

Passion is sent to earth as a human as punishment but she is an angel, well, she thinks she is an angel but Ganymede isn’t so sure. And what about these urges she has to touch people who have just died while the words life and live run through her head? She never had that power in Heaven. Passion also has the power to see the color of sin that surrounds people in their aura. When she looks at Edge all she sees is black, pure soul stealing deep black, unredeemable; but she can’t help wanting to redeem him.

We have our regular cast of characters like Eric and Sparkle and we meet some new ones like Hope. Another “Angel” who is able to calm the “beast” with her voice and helps keep Edge and Ganymede from destroying Galveston along with each other. Murmur is a Wickedly Delicious demon of great power. The Boss or Big Guy, yes we finally get to meet him and lord his home is to die for.

There is a lot of Cosmic Fighting going on as well as a hostile takeover attempt and surprises….lots of surprises. A Five Tail Swishes goes out for this Castle of Wicked Dreams book.

Wicked Edge is a wickedly delicious and exciting read. I canna wait until the next book Wicked Wispers comes out on Oct. 2, 2012 with Murmur’s story.

Official Blurb:

USA Today bestselling author Nina Bangs once again tempts readers to enter the wickedly sensual Castle of Dark Dreams—a playground where private pleasures and devilish fantasies come true, where the men who breathe life into women’s ultimate desires burn with their own supernatural fire… As an angel, Passion prides herself on perfection. But some mischievous part of her always goes against the godly grain. After one too many attempts to enliven the heavenly halls, she’s sent to earth to tame her naughty nature. While human, she has to bring goodness and light to the most sinful of places, the Castle of Dark Dreams. Once there, she finds herself in the role of a virgin used as bait to trap a marauding demon. Passion thinks the game is harmless—until she sees the man playing the demon. His name is Edge, and Passion senses darkness in him beyond any she’s ever dreamed.Edge may play a demon, but he is something much worse. His past is littered with pain and destruction—and that’s the way he likes it. Now he must prove to himself and others that he is what he’s always been—cold and emotionless. But as danger threatens and his need for Passion heats up, he finds himself balanced on love’s Wicked Edge.

Small Excerpt:


He’d needed this down time away from the Castle of Dark Dreams. Two weeks to just kick back, waste a few losers, and relax with a drink.

He leaned against the oak’s trunk and savored his scotch and water as he watched the dumbass crouched beside the reservoir. Edge had followed the guy’s progress from the moment he’d come up with the idea to poison the city’s water supply until now. Homegrown terrorists, had to love them.

Not that Edge didn’t sort of admire the guy. He’d whipped up a poison no amount of testing would detect until it was too late. The death toll could reach into the millions. Now the formula would die with him. Too bad. Another great scientific mind pissed away by an idiot.

There was a time when Edge would’ve applauded that kind of grand gesture. But then the Big Boss had reined him in, forced him to change his methods. Edge downed the rest of his drink. Let’s hear it for the good old days. Nowadays he was reduced to one kill at a time. Hey, you took your fun where you could.

Edge narrowed his gaze as the man… No, as Mark—didn’t want to ever depersonalize his victims—pulled vials of the poison from his backpack and set them on the ground.

Now was the time to act. Edge chose an image from his mind, focused on the reservoir, and changed thought to reality.

A giant squid rose from the water’s depths, big enough to swallow Chicago if Chicago had been on the menu. It wasn’t, so the squid settled for Mark. One massive tentacle reached out to wrap around his body. It lifted the man into the air and then dragged him beneath the water. The squid disappeared, leaving only a few ripples on the surface. Mark’s body would be found, a victim of drowning. But they’d never find the squid. It was once more only an image in Edge’s mind.

Edge shook his head. He’d made it happen too fast. Mark didn’t even have a chance to scream. He’d just stood there bug-eyed. What fun was that? But at least the guy died in a unique and interesting way. See, death didn’t have to be boring.

Edge wandered down to collect the vials. He stashed them in Mark’s backpack. He’d dispose of them later. Then he headed back to his car.

That was his last kill for now. Vacation over. Time to return to his crappy role-playing-slash-managerial job.

He took a last look at the reservoir before driving away. How did he really feel about Mark’s death and all the ones that had come before his? The truth? Edge closed his eyes. He felt freaking tired.

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Here are the cover s for the rest of the Castle of Dark Dreams series.                Release date  Oct 2, 2012

USA Today bestselling author Nina Bangs welcomes you back to the Castle of Dark Dreams, a place of otherworldly secrets and sensual men with the power to fulfill your most private fantasies…

All Ivy had ever wanted was a safe, secure life with no drama. Now she was working in an adult theme park where visitors came to role-play their wildest imaginings. She reminded herself to stay focused on her job and to ignore everything else. The reminders didn’t work. One man drew her. Murmur was every erotic dream she’d tried to repress, every deliciously dangerous temptation she said she didn’t need.  Her instinct suggested that this was a man who walked in darkness. She ignored the warning.

But Murmur was more than what he seemed. A powerful demon, he used his evil gift to destroy as well as seduce. In desiring him, Ivy had opened herself to a menace born centuries ago—one that would risk both their lives and betray the promises made with every one of his…


Z Seawitch