Hey everyone.

\So yesterday as I was taking a shower I had an epiphany  *snicker*  and came up with another caption. You know how on some police cars it say  “Serve and Protect” well it popped into my head that he could “Risk it all to Protect and Love”. So if you all want you can go over to the link below and vote for your favorite, one of mine or one you like better. I would love to win the trip to Lori Fosters next year.  Not sure if you are allowed to vote for more than one caption a day.

I happened across a contest by Harlequin for Lori Foster and put in my caption in a bid to win.  You can enter if you want for go find me and vote for me or another one if you like another one better.  You can only vote once in a 24 hour period. So if you vote at 11 pm you can’t vote again until 11 pm the next day.

Here is the link. http://www.facebook.com/HarlequinBooks?v=app_306225262780703&rest=1
Look for me Zina Lynch under entries and recently added, you may have to click on see more entries at the bottom until I get enough votes. I need lots of votes so if you all like my caption please vote for me.

I may post this a few times during the contest so if you don’t want to vote or vote more than once, here’s your head’s up so you can delete this post when you see it.


Z Seawitch