Well, it finally happened my posts are sent to 100 followers.  

I have been sitting at 99 for months waiting for the rollover to 100 and thanks to all of you we have done it so here is the surprise. 

I’m giving away something special and since I know some of you are busy and don’t always pop in for a day or so I am leaving it open til the end of the October.     I wanted to do something nice since I love all of my followers and friends.    Love this heart-shaped one, and it’s just for you.

So for every comment you make this month that’s one entry to win……books…… the first book in a few of my favorite series, I don’t have time to post cover shots so look for that soon.  We’ll start with yesterday’s post for comments counting for entries. There will also be some more surprises, like a new e-reader  so comment away. I’m also having SeawitchReviews T- Shirts made in Dec. or January so if you want one of those email me with your size and address and  you’ll hopefully get a surprise in the mail. I’ll remind everyone again in November before I place my order.

So besides finding out that my followers have reached 100, Denny got the call to go to work Monday – he’ll be heading to South Carolina for a few weeks.  I also received a call, the hospital was calling to do my pre-op for a brain MRI, so today at 2:45 pm I will be doing that down in Parkersburg, yeah. It’s just to see if the blood vessel on/in my brain is still there, what it’s been up to incase it’s thrown some parties and invited friends to move in. My last MRI showed it was still being a hermit so we’ll hope it hasn’t changed its facebook status to partying or in a relationship.

So here is the list of author’s whose books I’m giving away. Karen Marie Moning, Nora Roberts, Amanda Scott, Kathryn Smith, Karin Tabke, Veronica Wolff, Jess Dee, Karen Erikson, Lorelei James, Cat Johnson, Jayne Rylon, Jessica Scott, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Catherine Anderson, Jennifer Ashley, Nina Bangs, Mya Banks, Michelle Bardsley, Shayla Black, Jaci Burton, Robin Carr, Janet Chapman, Janet Dailey, Madeline Hunter, Hannah Howell, Jen Holling.

Shall I go on????? OK we also have  Lisa Hendrix, Karen Hawkins, Karin Harlow, Heather Grothaus, Donna Grant, Cindy Gerard, Julie Garwood, Cathryn Fox, Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Tara Janzen, Sabrina Jefferies, Brenda Joyce, Kathryne Kennedy, Angela Knight, Kieran Kramer, Marjorie M Liu, Julia London, Delilah Marvelle, Melissa Mayhue, Monica McCarty, Linda Lael Miller and one of my all time favorites Allie Mackay.

OH and I did mention a e-reader didna I, well there will be one of those too.

And thank you all for helping me get to 100………now on to 200 and another giveaway………..If you’re gonna go…go BIG!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Z Seawitch