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So yesterday was the dentist. 1 had no cavities, 5 had watches on what could become cavities and 1 of those did also have a cavity…the one who freaks out at the dentist of course! But the bad news fairy saved everything for this little guy    my baby, my #9 Ephraim, the wee man who likes to sleep while holding my hand or touching my face. He had an abscessed tooth about 2 weeks ago and it’s still a wee bit swollen and he had another one on the top same side of his face last month and…yes and…he lost a filling on the other side and she said it looked bad inside. So we could do crowns (we call them Bionic teeth) after seeing how bad two of them are but 1 has to go and she said the others may have to go after we fix them anyway sooooooo since they are all baby molars they will probable all three get pulled and perhaps a fourth and spacers ( otherwise known as teeth jewelry or bling) put in. Yes he may look like his dad but he got my teeth.

Ok so there was the bad news so on to looking at more books.

From Janet Dailey we have the Calder Series and         This Calder Range

Chase Benteen Calder was bound to wrest a fortune from Montana land, where the whisper of riches swept across a sea of buffalo grass. With Lorna at his side, a woman who took the tough ways of the land as her destiny, he would breathe life into his dream. Through the treacherous Texas prairie, the perils of Indian country, and a bustling Dodge City, they forged their way to Montana. With Calder strength, they would harvest their fortune from the rich earth, on the sprawling plains of This Calder Range.

So since I’m in a western mood at the moments let’s lasso another shall we…and this one was written by a very nice man in Wyoming.

Reid Lance Rosenthal and his new series Thread’s West    The romance of America, her people, her spirit, and the West. The ongoing story of us. This first book and namesake of the eight-novel series is being compared by reviewers and authors to Lonesome Dove and Centennial. The tale bursts with the adventure, romance and promise of historical America and the West. The epic saga of Threads West begins in 1855 with the first of four richly-textured, complex generations of unforgettable characters. The separate lives of these driven men and independent women are drawn to a common destiny that beckons seductively from the wild and remote flanks of the American West. They are swept into the dangerous currents of the far-distant frontier by the mysterious rivers of fate, the power of the land and the American spirit. Their turbulent journeys are heartbreaking quests intertwined with romance and adversity, passions and pathos, despair and triumph. This is not only their story. It is our story. It is Threads West, An American Saga.

Then we have Linda Lael Miller the creator of my McKettericks and Stone Creek.  High Country Bride with its new cover  One ranch. Three sons. Only one will inherit…and on one condition.

Tired of waiting for his sons to settle down, Arizona-territory rancher Angus McKettrick announces a competition: the first son to marry and produce a grandchild will inherit Triple M ranch. Now, three distinctly different, equally determined cowboys are searching high and low for brides.

Kade McKettrick’s got five mail-order brides-to-be camped out at the local hotel, all more than eager to provide him with the heir that will win him the Triple M ranch. But Kade, the newly appointed marshal, has his hands full with a troublesome outlaw gang. Why, then, is he so easily distracted by pretty “Sister Mandy”—who most assuredly is not the nun she claims to be? On the run from her outlaw stepfather, Mandy Sperrin hides beneath her solemn disguise, and vows to keep her wild, passionate nature from the respectable citizens of Indian Rock. Yet when the handsome marshal makes it clear that he wants her, Mandy gives in to her heated desires….

The Man From Stone Creek  There was trouble in Haven, Arizona, and Ranger Sam O’Ballivan was determined to sort it out. Badge and gun hidden, he arrived posing as the new schoolteacher, and discovered his first task was to bring the rough ranchers’ children under control. So he started with a call on Maddie Chancelor, the local postmistress, and older sister of a young boy in firm need of discipline.

It never occurred to Sam that Maddie would turn out to be a graceful woman whose prim and proper stance battled with the fire in her eyes. Working undercover to capture rustlers and train robbers was a job that had always kept him isolated and his heart firmly in check—until now. But there was something about the postmistress that had him unwittingly tempted to start down a path he’d sworn he’d never travel.

Now I know this next one isn’t a series but I love her stories and she is a favorite and Deeanne and her sister Gayle are two of the most sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. So I give you A Bride In The Bargain and if I remember correctly that is her daughter Tennessee on the cover.

In 1860s Seattle, redwoods were plentiful but women scarce. Yet a man with a wife could secure 640 acres of timberland for free.

Joe Denton doesn’t have a wife, though. His died before she could follow him to Seattle and now the local judge is threatening to take away his claim. In desperation, he buys himself a Mercer bride–one of the eastern widows and orphans brought to the Territory by entrepreneur Asa Mercer.

Anna Ivey’s journey west with Mercer is an escape from the aftermath of the Civil War. She signed on to become a cook–not a bride. When she’s handed over to Denton, her stubborn refusal to wed jeopardizes his land. With only a few months before he loses all he holds dear, can he convince this provoking, but beguiling, easterner to become his lawfully wedded wife?

So let’s leave the West and here we gggoooooooo…………..

From Madeline Hunter we have her Seducer Series may I offer  The Seducer   

An innocent searching for her lost family, Diane Albret finds herself living in the house of Daniel St. John. The world thinks she is his cousin, but she knows differently. She also knows that her attraction to this dangerous, dark and mysterious man is perilous to both her heart and her future. Worse, she fears his generosity is a prelude to seduction and that he plans to make her his mistress–an offer she does not trust herself to refuse.

Daniel indeed has plans for Diane, but they involve his scheme to complete a lifelong dark quest. The legendary seducer also has a secret about her lost past that he will do anything to keep; a secret that will put both their lives in jeopardy even as the passion they deny threatens to break out of all control.

From Hannah Howell I’m offering two of her Murray Family – Highland Destiny

Hannah Howell returns to the splendor of medieval Scotland in this first novel of her new trilogy–a saga of clan warfare, divided loyalties, and forbidden love. Here, in the Scottish highlands of the 15th century, a powerful knight meets his match in a mysterious beauty bent on revenge.

and one of my very favorites – a comfort read – Highland Bride    with its new cover.

Though she has yet to be courted by any man, spirited Gillyanne Murray decides the time has come to visit the dower lands gifted to her by her father’s kinsmen. She arrives to find the small keep surrounded by three lairds, each one vying for her hand…and property. Though resolved to refuse them all, the threat of battle on her threshold forces her to boldly choose a suitor: Sir Connor MacEnroy, a handsome, daring knight of few words. As his wife, Gillyanne is stunned by his terse, cold distance—and her own yearning to feel passion in his arms. Now, bringing her healing touch to a land and a keep ravaged by treachery and secret enemies, she dares to reach out for the one thing she fears she may forever be denied…her husband’s closely guarded heart.

Jen Holling is up next, Gel Friday took me to the library where I found Jen’s books and I had to read them all. So here is My Wicked Highlander    With Scotland in the grip of a nationwide witch hunt, Isobel MacDonell is hiding in England. But when Sir Philip Kilpatrick arrives to escort her to her betrothed in the Highlands, Isobel must face a harrowing journey through a land of fear and suspicion. Soon, however, Philip grows reluctant to deliver Isobel to the noble intended she has never met. Isobel has charmed her way into his heart…and yet her determination to use her magic to solve the dark mystery of Philip’s tortured past could destroy them both.

From Lisa Hendrix we have her Immortal series and Immortal Warrior.   He came to England in search of treasure.  Two hundred years later, he’s found her…

Ivar Graycloak is a brave warrior, a man known for his strength and integrity. He is also a man with a terrible secret. Long ago he was part of a Viking crew cursed by an evil sorceress to live for eternity as were-creatures. An eagle by day and a man by night, Ivar has lived a solitary existence for over two centuries. Then the king orders him to marry.

Lady Alaida is everything a man could want in a bride—intelligent, spirited, and beautiful—and their wedding night is a balm to Ivar’s lonely spirit. Then a seer brings him word of a dark vision, one that makes Ivar vow to stay away from his lovely wife forever. But now that Ivar has sampled Alaida’s passion, her humor and warmth, he is enthralled. His traitorous body-his very heart-longs for that which he can never possess.

Lady Alaida may surprise him yet, though, for she has a power of her own-a power that will either destroy everything they hold dear or ultimately set them free…

Let’s go visit Scotland shall we????

Karin Hawkins has a series The MacLean Curse series that is quite enjoyable.  

It’s hardly the type of wedding Fiona MacLean dreamed of. No  family, no guests, just a groom who’s been dragged – literally – to the altar.  But if marriage to Black Jack Kincaid, the handsome wastrel she’d sworn never  to see again, will avert a bloody war between their clans, so be it. Surely she  can share his bed without losing her heart…

Known throughout Scotland and London as a wild rogue, Jack  is accustomed to waking in dire situations, but…married? Long ago, he and Fiona reveled in a youthful passion. Now,  the fiery, sensual lass is his once more. And though their marriage is in name  only, Jack is determined to win her forever – body and soul…

From Heather Grothaus we have her Medieval Warriors Trilogy and The Warrior.    England, 1075, a time of raging feuds and men who pledge their sword for king and country, an era brought masterfully to life in this epic tale of a powerful Norman warrior and the woman who is his destiny… Tristan D’Argent returns from battle to claim the keep bequeathed to him by King William, only to find his lands under the ruthless control of a treacherous rival–a man who has secured Tristan as his stepdaughter’s betrothed. Determined to get his due without being trapped in marriage, Tristan prepares to win by any means necessary, only to be confronted by the beautiful face of the woman who haunts his dreams. She is Haith, the half-sister of his bartered bride.

Haith never imagined seeing the man of her moonlit visions in the flesh, or worse, as her greatest tormentor. Caught in the bitter treachery of sworn enemies, neither Tristan’s strong words nor tender promises can quell her fear that their destinies have not yet begun to play out…in a time where the might of men rules with a vengeance, and the warrior who fights for love takes the greatest risk of all….

Donna Grant has been world building and I love her Dark Swords series which she has spun into a more contemporary series which I have in my TBR pile. Here is the first in the series Dangerous Highlander. 

First in a breathtaking new series, the bold and passionate Lucan MacLeod – one of three brothers cursed by dark magic for eternity – is driven by desire for the one woman he dare not let himself possess…


He is magnificently strong — and dangerously seductive. One of the fiercest of his clan, Lucan MacLeod is a legend among warriors, inspiring fear in man and woman alike. For three hundred years, he has locked himself away from the world, hiding the vengeful god imprisoned in his soul. But then, a young lass caught in a raging storm awakens his deepest impulses…and darkest desires.


Cara doesn’t believe the rumors about MacLeod castle—until the majestic Highland warrior appears like a fiery vision in the storm, pulling her into his powerful arms, and into his world of magic and Druids. An epic war between good and evil is brewing. And Lucan must battle his all-consuming attraction for Cara—or surrender to the flames of a reckless, impossible love that threatens to destroy them both…

Next is one of my all – time favorites – my  first comfort read –  The Secret by Julie Garwood.    Judith Hampton was as beautiful as she was proud and loyal. Her dear Scottish friend from childhood was about to give birth, and Judith had promised to be at her side. But there was another, private reason for the journey from her bleak English home to the Highlands: to meet the father she had never known, the Laird Maclean. Nothing prepared her, however, for the sight of the Scottish barbarian who was to escort her into his land…Iain Maitland, Laird of his clan, a man more powerfully compelling than any she had ever encountered.

In a spirited clash of wills and customs, Judith reveled in the melting bliss of Iain’s searching kisses, his passionate caresses. Perplexed by her sprightly defiance, bemused by her tender nature, Iain felt his soul growing into the light and warmth of her love. Surely nothing would wrench her from the affection and trust of Iain and his clan…not even the truth about her father, a devastating secret that could shatter the boldest alliance, and the most glorious of loves!

FYI, SE’s alter ego Allie Mackay also has a comfort read for me, actually several so I’m going to add one of my favorites featuring Bram of Barra. Some Like It Kilted ( I know I sure do!)    A woman’s heart needs a loving home–

Even if it’s a little bit haunted.

Mindy Menlove lives in a castle that was transported stone-by-stone from Scotland. But when her fiancé dies in scandal and Mindy
decides to sell the gloomy estate, her plans unravel. She must travel to the Hebrides, where she’s confronted by the castle’s original builder-who happens to be maddeningly irresistible and seven hundred years young.

Bran of Barra was a legendary chieftain. Since then he’s enjoyed his ghostly pleasures, until Mindy’s appearance disrupts them. Now, if the roguish Bran doesn’t change Mindy’s mind about his bonny homeland-and himself-neither of them will ever find any peace.

Off to our next stop with our next loverly hostess Sabrina Jeffries, she’s going to take us to school….The School for Heiresses and her title Never Seduce a Scoundrel. Pay attention ladies!     Lady Amelia Plume has many admirers; too bad they’re all fortune hunters and fops who can’t provide the exotic adventures she seeks. The ballrooms of Mayfair have become more appealing, though, since the arrival of Major Lucas Winter—an American major with a dangerous past and a brooding air.

Lucas came to London to find the cad who embezzled money from a naval contractor. The captivating Lady Amelia could be the key to his quest, but what started as a simple flirtation has suddenly become a delicious dance of seduction. So when a rival jeopardizes Amelia’s reputation, Lucas must choose between a chance to avenge his past or a future of fiery passion.

Now let’s go visit a family steeped in scandal in Sabrina’s Hellions of Halstead Hall series, in particular The Truth About Lord Stoneville.

The oldest of the scandalous Sharpes—five hell-raising siblings tainted still by the gossip surrounding the “accidental” deaths of their parents two decades ago—Oliver Sharpe, the Marquess of Stoneville, like his brothers and sisters, has lived life on his own terms. In his case, as an unrepentant rakehell. Or so life had played out until Grandmother Hetty got a bee in her bonnet. Now the five Sharpe siblings face a daunting ultimatum: Marry by year’s end—or kiss their inheritance good-bye.

Oliver vows to fulfill the bargain in true Sharpe style—by bringing home a fake fiancé from a brothel! But his scheme backfires when he foils a robbery and rescues an American beauty instead. Maria Butterfield came to London to find her missing fiancé, but her prior engagement won’t stop Oliver from getting what he wants: Maria in his bed. His rebellious charade may just call Hetty’s bluff, but not before it become all too real—stirring up a love that tempts him to be a hellion no more.

Wow, that’s a lot of books to meander through, so tell me which ones captured your interest today????

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