Don’t forget the contest goes on until The morning of Nov 1 when I get on-line for the books and e-reader. All comments starting on this post here  forward count. All posts clear up to Oct 31 count so don’t miss a chance.

For those of you wanting to know if Denny had the fried Oreo in Scotland, he didn’t he had a fried Mars Bar. He also had fish and chips and a batter dipped fried hamburger and Haggis. He said it was all good and the fish and chips came wrapped in newspaper and tasted even better than what we get here. And yes he really did like the Haggis but since he’s from WV he likes a lot of strange stuff including fried squirrel brains….no I don’t cook it for him…..his grandama Cogar did when he was a kid and brought her home squirrels. But I have had BBQ squirrel as a kid in Arkansas, it was good.

And now for our Movie Winner.

My lines were here in this post. A Look At Prizes Part 4 and a Winner and my two Movie lines were.

Larissa Ione is going to take us on a paranormal side trip with her Demonica Series. Demons, Vamps and Weres – Oh My!  translate into   “Lions, Tigers and Bears – Oh My!”   from the Wizard of OZ

and this one:

Denny who has been to Scotland (Damn him…Damn him to Hell) can verify it. Translate into: ” Damn Them….Damn Them All To Hell!” From The Planet of The Apes.

I had two guess right and so they will both the prize, please email me and give me the email you want the GC sent to and put movie winner in the subject line. So are you waiting to see who won???? I bet the two who won know who they are but just so you know they are the ever loverly, Mary Preston and Leahluvsmedieval. Yeah and Congratulations Ladies!

If any of you are on the East coast please stay safe!!!! I’m hoping our house in RI which is currently empty won’t suffer any damage this time. We live about 2-5 miles in from the ocean and we are in between the swamp and a huge pond that both flood. Last time though it was the swamp side that came closet to the house. But between then both it turned our neighborhood into an island for about a week.  Keep us appraised of your situations! So far here in WV all we have is wind and constant rain. Depending on how long it rains we’ll get flooding here.

So since a lot of blogs have Eye Candy monday… is my eye candy just for today. Ariella was still getting used to grandpa!

Denny and youngest granddaughter at Sandbridge Beach, VA

So Happy Monday Everyone!

Z Seawitch