Ok, the kids have been laughing their butts off at me and the Zombie’s all weekend. Today they wanted to watch CUJO. I have seen it and I said absolutely not. We’ve had St. Bernards and I want more in the future and that movie will make it hard to get another. So here is a picture or two of me watching the Zombies.         I suppose I did look funny.

For an up date on the pup, she is Growing, when we got her she was barely bigger than my hand and didn’t even fill up half her bed. Now she can’t fit in it. We’ve only had her 3 – 4 weeks.    She nows wallers one of the cats, the other still has it scared.

Ok now for our winner of the blog celebration saying. The saying was ” If you’re going to go…..go big!!!!” So we had a few that got the right line and Miss Maddy gave me a number and the winner is Catslady!!! Congratulations you win your pick of one of any of the books up for grabs here. Email me your choice at Seaw Witch Reviews @ Yahoo .c om and put winner’s choice in the subject line.

The other morn this is what I saw when I went up Courtney ridge to get Liz. Sunrise in WV.


Then another day we had the most beautiful Gloaming, the pictures start at my house in town facing my neighbors across the street and then I’m up on Courtney Ridge to drop Liz off at Gramma’s.


The colors were just vibrant that night…. I so wish we could build up here but I want the top of the hill not the side.

So good Monday morning everyone!!!

Oh and I forgot today is the last day for you to look for the movie lines and send me your guess, with movies in the subject line.

Z Seawitch