Highland Avenger by Hannah Howell.

Did you all know that I have had a love affair with Hannah Howell’s Murray Family for about 20 years or more???? SHHH – don’t tell Denny but I do so love my Highland Heros. My two all time favorite books from this series are Highland Bride where I fell in love in Gillianne Murray and Highland Angel – that book touched my soul. Today though I am reviewing the newest in the Murray Family series Highland Avenger.

Let me say that the part of the book where our heroine Arianna and our hero Sir Brian speak about avenging made me laugh, what a great way to end the story. There’s a tease for you.

Today let’s start with our heroine Arianna Murray – Lucette, she was wed at age 17 with a family we had met in one of the first stories in this series. The Lucette’s are in France and to help renew the family ties and strengthen the ally bond between the families, Arianna marries a man she barely knows in the hopes of finding love. When Arianna arrived in France as a new bride it was to discover her new husband had a mistress that he refused to give up. What she didn’t know at first  was that he was actually married to Merranne his mistress and that her own marriage was a false marriage. Her husband Claud (and his family) had beaten her down over the last 5 years, not with his fists but with his words and it has left her feeling like damages goods. When we meet Arianna she is fleeing France for her life and taking her husband’s two small son’s with her to save them from being murdered as their father and real mother were.

Our hero is Sir Brian MacFingal whose family we have also met before; I love visiting old friends, we also get to visit with the Camerons as well. Brian is one of the many sons (both legitimate and illegitimate) of old Fergus MacFingal, but he like his brother Ewan doesn’t go around impregnating every female willing to lie with them. Brian is trying to help his family by starting a trading business selling  goods he has shipped in. Brian wants to bring his family some honor and money but he doesn’t want people to think he will marry a lass to get it. He wants to marry a lass he loves someday when he has made his fortune.

Our two meet when the ship that Arianna and the two wee lads are traveling on is rammed by another larger ship. Arianna’s ship also happens to be the ship that is carrying Brian his goods to sell and it is destroyed in the attempt to kill Arianna and the lads by ramming the boat at sea by her murdering Lucette in-laws. Brian and his men find the two lads guarding an unconsience Arianna while searching fo survivors along with any goods than can be salvaged. When they hear Arianna and the boys story and also find the Lucette’s also searching  and heading their way they spilt into three groups to all head for Scarglass the MacFingal stronghold via different routes.

All the character interaction between both the main characters and the secondary characters works well and, as I said before, it is always nice to get a chace to peak in on old friends. I think it adds bonus features to the story. I enjoy the push and pull between Arianna and Brian and that’s best left there as it is the juicy part of the story.

I give it a 4 1/2 tail swishes.

 Book Blurb:

Once, Arianna Murray Lucette believed she’d met the man she could always rely on. She was wrong. Now she is fleeing for her life, and when her enemies attack a ship bound for her only refuge, she believes all hope is lost. Until she awakens on Scotland’s shore to a pair of the most entrancing blue eyes she has ever seen. When Sir Brian MacFingal first spots the sun-streaked beauty on the beach, he mistakes her for dead. Soon, however, he discovers a woman more full of life and vitality than he ever dreamed possible. But though he knows he is fit to defend her life – even at risk of losing his own – can such a raw warrior as he ever be worthy of her love?
Sorry everyone but there is no excerpt as there isn’t one up on Hannah’s website. But you can go here to check her out.  http://hannahhowell.com/    http://www.facebook.com/#!/hannah.howell.391?fref=ts
And I’ll be driving up to Pittsburg today to pick up Gel Friday! Yeah!
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