Good day everyone. First let me apologize for falling down on the job, literally.      I did try to have Liz do a post last week for Friday but our internet keeps going down. She saved her draft and when I went in later to look it over before posting it, the page was gone except the title. I just didn’t have the energy to try to do a new one.      I am so glad I already had Elise’s done before I got sick so I just had to go over it last night and add some last-minute stuff she sent out.  I didn’t have Liz draw winners so I’ll finish making my list and draw. Thanks you for all the good wishes you sent me. I haven’t gone in to leave any comments yet but I did see a few. Lenna, my friend, I’m very sorry to hear you lost your mum and I hope your brothers were there to help you with everything. 

Now for my adventures.

I know Liz told you all that it was my iron that was low but that was only part of it. I was on week three of my monthly cycle, a very heavy monthly cycle and passing a lot of clots every day. The last week I was hearing my heart pump in my ears, even while laying down and my heart would pound if I did anything strenuous. I had to go down to Parkersburg to run some errands and for one I had to stop by my sil’s post office to deliver a message from her mother. I got out and walked up the 3-4 steps to the door and my heart was pounding. They were closed for lunch so I walked down the handicapped ramp and about 30 feet to the back of the building to see if she was out back as usual eating her lunch. Didn’t see her so I walked back and up the ramp to see when they opened after lunch, by this time I was breathing hard. I walked down the handicapped ramp and to my car. My heart was beating like a race horse and like I had just run a 5k in 5 minutes, I was breathing hard and my head was pounding with my heart beat in my ears and I felt dizzy.  I just thought that I was out of shape from not exercising like I should…goes to show you lack of blood effects brain functions.

I called the clinic when I got home to get a Saturday appointment with my doctor. She was off until Tues. and I almost made an appointment for then but at the last-minute I took the Sat. opening with a different doctor. I went in and they decided to give me a hormone to stop the bleeding and a referral to a Ob/Gyn and they wanted to check my hemoglobin with a finger stick and a pregnancy test before I took the hormone. The nurse had to squeeze and squeeze to get the blood, that usually doesn’t happen and she ran it, looked at me and said she would be right back. So in walks the doctor and she tells me I have to go to the hospital. I’m like “ah, ok I guess I can drive down after I tell the kids, do I need an iron infusion?” They looked at me and said I wasn’t allowed to drive and I could have someone come get me and take me down or they would call the ambulance. My mouth fell open and I asked if it was that bad, my hemo was a 6.9 I think. So I sat and waited for my mil to come get me. I had to wait for over two hours at the emergency room before they got me in a room, they wanted me one with a door but after waiting so long they put me in a regular room.

At first they just put in an iv so they could draw blood at some point, they got the first tube to fill fine  then they had to work to get my blood to flow for the rest. I think they took blood three times and were going to do a MRI or a Ct Scan of my uterus but changed their mind after they got the lab reports. The just did a vaginal and some swabs and informed me they were admitting me and would be giving me two units of blood.  I have a feeling I wouldn’t have made it to the Tuesday appointment, I was losing too much blood and my heart wasn’t able to keep up if my trip to the post office was an indicator.    The ER nurse was calling upstairs to give them my info from the nurses station and I heard her say my name then I heard her giving them lab info, she stopped and said…you know her??? yeah her platelets are dangerously low.  They then took me upstairs to the pediatrics ward. Yes when my sil called the hospital so I could be on the phone while they sang happy birthday to my #8 Maddy she said it all made sense now since they put me in peds. ward.  I said it was because they wanted me in a familiar environment so I felt comfortable. Denny left work in No. Carolina and got in about midnight just as they were ready to start the blood transfusions. The next afternoon the doc came in and talked to me about maybe trying birth control, I said pass, I won’t do birth control so she talked about ablation and I agreed to make a follow-up appt with her. They ran my blood and she said it still wasn’t where she would have liked it but she was going to send me home with a script for 10 days of Hormones and an iron supplement, I do believe after the two units of blood my hemo was a 8.9.  I went home and I was a very good little girl because I do not want to leave my children to fend by themselves with my dh.  I got to go back to the hospital Wednesday and stay the night for some more testing. Then Friday I went back to the clinic and had my hemo tested and it was after a week on the iron it was  11.1, still under the minimum and so I still canna drive. I went home and I tried to call the Ob/Gyn but they closed early and then the doc from my clinic here called me to tell me the news from my ultrasound I had on Weds. She stressed over and over to make that follow-up with the Ob/Gyn because she said I have some serious thickening of  the endrio-something ( sorry, I should have written it down but I like to hide my head in the sand at times.) and she said that could be an indication of cancer and I would need a biopsy done too. My mother , her sister and my cousin have all had to have  a hysterectomy because of cancer so the odds are good for me. I go see the Ob/Gyn on Dec. 7th, so I’ll update you then.

I’m feeling much better but I do still get dizzy every now and then and my heart pounds after I climb the stairs but only for a minute or two and I have only heard my heart in my ears for a few days after I came home. It’s the lingering tiredness that bothers me. The other thing…I have barely managed to read two books in this whole time.

I hope you all will take the time to pop in to todays post for Elise Marion and leave her a comment and I apologize that I didn’t get my post up for Melissa Mayhue’s Warrior Reborn yet but I will, I was scheduled for the 12th for her tour but I didn’t finish the book before I got sick. I’m working on finishing it but I can tell you it is good, very, very good!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Z Seawitch