Ok, I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving weekend and if you did the Black Friday shopping (I do not.)   I hope you got all the deals you wanted. I shop about two days before Christmas or after. I know bah hum bug I am. No we usually save our money to do a family trip in Feb or March. So I usually only buy a few movies for a family Christmas gift and a very small gift for each kid.

So here was the story I forgot to tell you all. When I went to get the internal ultrasound on my uterus my 12-year-old son went to deliver some boy scout  popcorn he stopped at a friend house and she asked him how I was going. He told her I was having an ultrasound because he thought I was pregnant. Next thing we know Denny’s Sister is calling and yelling at him about him being a papa again when he is supposedly fixed. Denny’s mom got mad because we laughed about it, she said we didn’t need rumors spread, the only bad part is it’s his own family that spreads them.

Sorry, I’ve been out running errands for Denny  and delivering popcorn. I stopped at the clinic to deliver to my doctor and cousin that work there and I had them prick my finger because I’m starting what I am hoping is my monthly cycle. My number has gone down from 11.1 to 10.7  and I’m taking my iron. They want me to come back in on Friday for another finger stick.

So on to the winners. First our winners for the Men and Women of the Military Blog Hop

 I Am A Soldier Too: The Jessica Lynch Story  by Rick Bragg winner is:  Jessica B

Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard winner is:  Glittergirl

   The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks winner is:  Donnas1

   Because of You by Jessica Scott winner is:  Lori

   Seal of My Dreams Anthology winner is:  Justine

Please send me an email with the name of the book you won in the subject line and your snail mail addy to SeawitchReviews (at) YAHOO (DOT) com. All prizes must be claimed by Monday Dec 3rd.

And now for our 100+ Followers Celebration winners: You all also have until Friday Nov. 30th to claim your books by emailing me your snail mail with the prize you won in the subject line to SeawitchReviews (at) yahoo (dot) com.

   Devil In A Kilt by Sue-Ellen Welfonder winner is #231 leahluvsmedieval

   Knight In My Bed by Sue-Ellen Welfonder winner is # 446  Chelsea B

    Sins of A Highland Devil by Sue-Ellen Welfonder winner is # 188  CateS

 Highlander In Her Bed by Sue-Ellen’s alter ego Allie Mackay winner is  # 65 Maybe31

Some Like It Kilted by Allie Mackay winner is  # 521  June M

  Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson winner is  # 272  Diane Sallans

  Penelope and Prince Charming  by Jennifer Ashley winner is  #167 Leahluvsmedieval

  The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie  by Jennifer Ashley winner is #3 Karen C

  Wicked Nights  by Nina Bangs winner is  # 377  Lexi

  I’m the Vampire That’s Why   by Michelle Bardsley winner is  # 384  Jeanne Miro

  When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy winner is  # 311  Miranda W

  Be Mine Tonight  by Kathryn Smith winner is  # 262  tore 923

  Dark Fever  by Karen Marie Moning winners are # 296  Connie Fischer,  # 406 Alice Whyland,  # 186 Linda Townsend,  #191 Ivy, # 274 Phoenix Carvelli,  # 464 Linda Thum, # 299 Diane Sallans, # 230 LibraryPat, # 360 June M, # 125 Catslady,  # 390 Brenda Rumsey, # 506 Cathy P,  # 423 Carol L,  # 39 Josie Lambardi,  # 512 Mary Preston, # 368 Wendy McKinnis,  # 59 flechen1, # 102 Chelsea B, # 387 leahluvsmedieval and # 187 Rosemary K.

  Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning winner is #137 Ivy

  Jewels of the Sun  by Nora Roberts winner is  # 418 Phoenix Carvelli

  Key of Light  by Nora Roberts winner is # 39 Josie Lambardi

 Irish Thoroughbred  by Nora Roberts winner is  # 306 Alice Whyland

  Abducted Heiress   by Amanda Scott winner is  # 239  Brenda Rumsey

  Highland Princess  by Amanda Scott winner is  # 306 Alice Whyland

 Blood Law  by Karin Tabke winner is  # 170  Mary Preston

 Master of Surrender  by Karin Tabke winner is  # 429  LibraryPat

 Master of the Highlands  by Veronica Wolff winner is  # 541  Leahluvsmedieval

   Devil’s Highlander  by Veronica Wolff winner is  #299 Diane Sallans

    The Perfect Play  by Jaci Burton winner is  # 177  Samantha H

   Virgin River by Robyn Carr winner is  # 83 leahluvsmedieval

  A Virgin River Christmas   by Robyn Carr winner is  # 278 Rao

   My Kind of Christmas  by Robyn Carr winner is  # 470 Phaedra Seabolt

  Charming the Highlander  by Janet Chapman winner is #140  Miranda W

   Mystical Warrior and     Dragon Warrior by Janet Chapman winner is  # 20 Teresa Jesenovec

  This Calder Range  by Janet Dailey winner is  # 223  Wendy McKinnis

   Thread’s West  by Reid Lance Rosenthal winner is  # 521 June M

   High Country Bride  by Linda Lael Miller winner is  #25 leahluvsmedieval

    The Man from Stone Creek  by Linda Lael Miller winner is # 451  Diane Sallans

    A Bride in the Bargain  by Deeanne Gist winner is  # 424  Linda Townsend

    The Seducer  by Madeline Hunter winner is  # 530 Rao

      Highland Destiny  by Hannah Howell winner is  # 355  Mary Preston

    Highland Bride    by Hannah Howell winner is # 318  Glittergirl

     My Wicked Highlander  by Jen Holling winner is #135 Leahluvsmedieval

  Immortal Warrior  by Lisa Hendrix winner is # 323  Carol L

     How to Abduct A Highland Lord  by Karen Hawkins winner is # 539 Sue G

     The Warrior  by Heather Grothaus winner is  # 130 Miranda W

     Dangerous Highlander by Donna Grant winner is # 83 Leahluvsmedieval

      The Secret  by Julie Garwood winner is  # 504 Linda Townsend

     Never Seduce a Scoundrel  by Sabrina Jeffries winner is  # 451 Diane Sallans

   The Truth About Lord Stoneville by Sabrina Jeffries winner is  # 197 Catslady

     Temp Me With Darkness by Shayla Black winner is  # 403 Theresa

  Wicked Ties by Shayla Black and erotic story winner is # 533 Mary Morgan

   Show No Mercy  by Cindy Gerard winner is # 21 Catslady

  Crazy Hot  by Tara Janzen winner is #183 Mary Preston

  Pleasure Unbound  by Larissa Ione winner is # 176 Karen C

   Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy winner is  # 159  Rao

  Warrior  by Angela Knight winner is  # 258  Rao

   Tiger Eye  by Marjorie M. Liu winner is # 221 Cathy P

   Dark Rival  by Brenda Joyce winner is # 394  Cathy P

  Dark Embrace by Brenda Joyce winner is # # 303 Cathy P

  Highlander Unbound  by Julia London winner is  # 166 Victoria Zumbrum

   Thirty Nights With A Highland Husband  by Melissa Mayhue winner is # 169  Ivy

   Warrior’s Redemption  by Melissa Mayhue winner is  # 497  Leahluvsmedieval

   When Harry Met Molly  by Kieran Kramer winner is  # 443  Linda Townsend

   The Chief by Monica McCarty winner is  # 211  Andrea M

   The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks winner is  # 337 Library Pat

   Colter’s Woman  by Maya Banks winner is # 240 Wendy     erotic story

    Because of You (E- Book) by Jessica Scott winner is  # 321 CateS   e-book

  Erotic Reasearch (E-Book) by Mari Carr winner is # 471 Jennifer Mathis    erotic story  e-book

     Instinctive  by Cathryn Fox  winner is  # 265 Rosemary K     erotic story

   Under My Umbrella (E-Book) by Karen Erickson winner is  # 81 June M    erotic story e- book

   Going All In (E-Book) by Jess Dee winner is # 85 Karen C   erotic story  e- book

  Long Hard Ride (E-Book) by Lorelei James winner is  #18 Terriznh      erotic story – e-book

   UnRidden (E-Book) by Cat Johnson winner is  # 123  Kimmyl    erotic story  e – book

    Infatuation (E-Book) by Melissa Schroeder winner is  # 382  Ivy  erotic story  e-book

     Kate’s Crew (E-Book) by Jayne Rylon  winner is   # 445 Lexi    erotic  story  e-book

          Night is Darkest (E-Book) by Jayne Rylon  winner is # 229 Lexi erotic story  e- book

#543 Jeanne Miro wins a book of my choosing from my stash for being our last commenter and  Connie Fischer also gets a book of my choice for being commenter #1.

And of course one lucky person will have their choice of a

Kindle PaperWhite     or Nook with GlowLight 

or a $100.00 GC to the bookstore of your choice.    Winner is  # 528 Cathy P

So please don’t forget to send me an email at Seawitch Reviews  at  yahoo  dot com with the name of you prize in the subject line. Send me your snail mail addy or the email address of where you want your ebooks sent and let me know the format too please for the e- books.

Also please note any unclaimed or unwanted books will not be regifted, I just don’t have the energy.

Claim your books by Monday Dec 3rd.

Congratulations everyone!!!!!!

Z Seawitch