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Are our heroes heart-throb or heartbreakers? Or are they just the same thing? Yummy right? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for this blog hop and we’re gearing up to see what exactly is a heartbreaker. Is the song playing in your head line mine? “Cuz he’s a heartbreaker!” We love those sexy men, but what about those times in the story when they aren’t perfect. Because come on, we know they aren’t perfect. What makes those men heartbreakers? What can those guys do to make it better? Is there a way to grovel? Come on! Tell me about your heartbreaker!!

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What is a Heartbreaker??

Well here is what the Freedictionary .com had to say.

1. One that causes sorrow, grief, or disappointment:
and this too:
heartbreaker – a charming person who is irresponsible in emotional relationships   beguiler, charmer – a person who charms others (usually by personal attractiveness)

So do you agree with that??? I don’t think all  Heartbreakers mean to go about breaking hearts.  How many wee ones do you see and say they are going to be a Heartbreaker someday??? Do you think they are going to go around breaking hearts on purpose???? No I say!
I knew a heartbreaker in High school but he didn’t go around breaking girls hearts on purpose, he just was…….beautiful inside and out, just no one captured his interest.
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Your prize for this hop here at SeawitchReviews is a copy of one of my favorite Heartbreakers – Hardwick from Allie Mackay’s Tall, Dark and Kilted.
Tall, Dark and Kilted  Cilla Swanner came to Dunroamin Castle in Scotland to get away from heartache and headache. But what she finds there may be more than she can handle. Long ago, the roguish Scottish knight known as Hardwick was cursed to wander the world forever, pleasing a different woman each night with no hope of fulfillment or true love. Then he meets Cilla-who may be his only hope for salvation.
You will enjoy this book, it is funny and suspenseful, you’ll love how this Heartbreaker Hardwick gets his comeuppance and how one girl from Pennsylvania brings him to his knees so to speak. I love, love, loved this book and I hope you will too!
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