valentines bash

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So do you have a little love story to share???? Well I do, it’s how I met my husband, my second husband, that is met.

My estranged husband was coming up to visit the girls and he brought along another sailor because he didn’t want to be by himself with me, the % $ # **&# and whatever other names he called me. I made arrangements for my parents to watch the girls that day and I spent the day going around Northern Calif. going to craft fairs with my girlfriend and her boyfriend. By the time I got home I was hot and sweaty, had terrible wind blown hair and was cranky. When I walked into my parents home I was laughing at a joke someone said right before I opened the door. The first thing I saw when I walked in was the guy my soon to be ex brought with him sitting in my mom’s recliner. For me it was hate at first sight, for him it was a different story. He say that when I walked in he took one look at me and started saying in his head over and over “Please don’t let that be her. Please don’t let that be her.” Well the rest of the weekend I was a total bi***  to him and he did everything he could to impress me and get on my good side. When my ex and I divorced the friend was right there and we started to date, he told me after he visited he pretty much stopped hanging out with my ex and he was hoping our spilt would become permanent. We were married about a year later , have had 6 more kids and have been married 22 years this year.

So now it’s your turn tell me one of your love stories.  One commenter will win a copy of Courting Carolina by Janet Chapman.

Courting Carolina   While building a wilderness trail for a new five-star resort in Spellbound Falls, underachieving playboy Alec MacKeage rescues a beautiful woman who is being chased by kidnappers and agrees to let her hide out with him for a few days. But when those days stretch past a week, Alec finds himself fighting his attraction to the mysterious Jane Smith—despite knowing the woman isn’t who she claims to be. Then again, neither is he…

On the run from her own life, Jane is really Carolina Oceanus—and she’ll do anything to avoid the six ancient-minded men her father has brought to Maine to vie for her hand in marriage. But as the maddening competition heats up, Carolina realizes that she’ll have to come clean to Alec, the seductive loner who’s managed to capture her heart…

So the rules are   leave me your own love story, even if it’s one of how you love your pet. Leave your email with your post.

Winner will be announced on the 18th.

Z Seawitch