OMG I did it, with Miss Ivy’s help, I love, love, love that woman!
Now I’m going to try it all on my own.
Here we go.
Welcome to the Show

Boy this is fun!

this is the newer version, I preferred the older one but I couldn’t find it.
This is Keith, and he can take me to his Island any day, seriously that man smells good.

And this is Scocha, I saw them at the Rhode Island Highland Games, I love them.
Want to take a Boat to America?

This is one of my favorites.

This was the firs tone I heard then sing, clear across the games it called to me.

And a fun one from the boys.

I bet you’re wishing Miss Ivy didn’t teach me now aren’t you.
Last one from the boys.
I promise!

I do so enjoy the Gaelic.
Thank you Miss Ivy for being able to finally teach me how to work the TV, lol.
Hope you all enjoy the show.
Z Seawitch