Hello Everyone

I’m popping in to let you know that I’m temporarily in RI taking care of some housing issues and my computer time is very limited. I had to leave my laptop in WV for the kids to do homework on and Stephanie and I are using a broken laptop with no working screen, we have to use an old computer monitor set off to the side. I now appreciate her posts more.

Boy have I missed RI and easily spilt my time between the two. I left WV yesterday at about 3pm and made it in here about 4 am this morn. I am tired, have gone shopping twice and went through 3 totes and spoke to a lawyer. Meanwhile Denny is holding down the fort at home and trying to keep my schedule with getting all the kids where they need to go, lol, last I heard he was pulling his hair out.

I am watching and visiting with the grandkids tonight but I may pass out before them.  It is cold, windy and rainy here sheesh.

Later this month we have Ranae Rose visiting and the Tortured Hero Hop  and Miss Ivy has lined up a visit for us with Cheryl Holt in May.

I am feeling so much better heath wise now that all the CO is out of my body. My friend Sarah here walks about a 3K I’m going to try to join her because I have now officially gained all my weight back plus a few pounds.

Denny is now officially a college student and in about two years he’ll have a paper saying he’s now “qualified ” to do a product manager job, a job that he already has been doing for about 10 years in the Navy.  He starts his summer session May 20. Other news today is Liz’s 19th birthday and she was hoping to have her driver’s license but she has once again failed for her parking. She has picked a college, Not the same one as dad- that would be embarrassing! She will be attending Davis and Elkins in Elkins WV. They have offered her a very nice scholarship thanks to good grades a high ACT score, good thing or she would be going to school with her da.

DJ’s birthday is Weds. he’ll be 17 and he did get his birthday wish and got his permit after failing the first time. He has also attained the rand of Star Scout, next is Life than on to Eagle. He got a haircut and he looks so cute, even if instead of his scooby doo he now has a mohawk. I’ll have to wait to post pictures until I get home next month. Yep next month, I will be in RI until the beginning of May.

Thank you all for being patient while we are recouping here and Thank you to Miss Ivy for covering here for me. I may have to make a trip to the library because I’m having a heard time accessing info on what I’m using. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Z Seawitch