Ok, so I am back from Rhode Island where I had to take care of some issues with our house there. Denny is holding me hostage for the day so I can help him out at the farm. I didn’t miss the kids or Denny while I was gone, working hard and packing up the RI house. I was able to get done everything I needed to but I did have to extend my stay a wee bit  to get it done but I did it. I was able to get rid of 75% of what I had left in the house. It went into a bin for future transport here, the donation center at the Johnny Cake Center or to the dump. What I have left to transport fills about half my garage there, so yeah for me. And I lost about 8 lbs doing it; unfortunately now that I’m home the weight is coming back on too, I’ve gained back 3 lbs now.

I took a day off and Stephanie and I went and visited with Jeanne  one day and then headed up to visit with Kathy  and it was such an enjoyable day. I will be posting some pictures we took later.  The cherry to my Sundae ( and it was a Sunday too) was while I was visiting Kathy I was surprised to hear her phone start playing Pipe music, how I love the Pipes, and surprise our dear friend Sue-Ellen was on the line and I got to say hello to her and make plans to get to visit later this year.

The bad news…Denny received a D+ for the state of the house when I got home and for not getting the kids everywhere they needed to be for practices and such. I came home to find junk, chicken coops, wires and stuff like that all over the yard. I tripped coming in the house at 2 am because of all the shoes in the walk way. You couldn’t even see the top of my table or the living/dining room floor for all the book bags and stuff everywhere. When I went into the kitchen I couldn’t even see the counters or sink for all the dirty dishes and the crock pot had something dead in it I swear by the smell when I lifted the lid. He got marks for clean sheets on my bed. The reason he didn’t totally fail was the house wasn’t burned down, kids all still alive, (even though some had no clean clothes to wear!!) and the clean sheets. Then yesterday I had to drop his grade to a D- because I found out we had been out of eggs for 2-3 weeks and there was no milk or lunchmeat and he didn’t change the sheets, my daughter Babe did. After driving 14 hours, one hour of that I spent at Cabella’s shopping, and walking into my destroyed house I was ready to turn around and drive back to RI. It took 5 dishwasher loads to get the dishes done and I’m on day 4 of a laundry marathon. It took a day to clear out the living room and clear the table and a lot of treats thrown out to get the bathroom clean.

So now that we got that out-of-the-way how about some overdue winners???

Author Spotlight Winner

The winner of Renae Roses Battered Not Broken e -book  Battered Not Broken  is Victoria Zumbrum and I’m throwing in a digital copy of   Rough-Around-the-Edges-  Rough Around the Edges too to Victoria for my tardiness.  Please send me an email with the email and format for where you want your e-books sent to seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com.


For our Tortured Hero Hop Winners

Heart of A Hero by Janet Chapman  Heart of a Hero  now belongs to  Mary Preston.

Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue   Warrior Reborn now  belongs to Cate S.

Haunted Warrior by Allie Mackay  Haunted Warrior  now belongs to Patti P.

Seduction of A Highland Warrior by Sue-Ellen Welfonder  Seduction of A Highland Warrior  now belongs to Jackie W.

The Recruit by Monica McCarty  The Recruit  now belongs to Libby Shorthouse and it’s a signed copy!

The Digital Copy of Rough Around the Edges by Ranae Rose  Rough-Around-the-Edges- now belongs to Tore 923.


Ok, so winners please send me your snail mail addy to seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com  with  Tortured Hero Winner in the subject line. Tore 923 please send me your email addy and format for where you want your e- book sent.  You will also all be getting a wee bit extra in your mail for my tardiness, you also have until the end of the month to claim your books.

Have a great rest of the day everyone, I carried and chucked two truck loads of wood today so I’m headed in to clean up for Liz’s senior banquet tonight. Her graduation is Sunday but we also have her awards assembly Thursday afternoon and I’m still digging out the house so that’s why you get extra time, we’re all busy with all the end of the school year stuff.

Z Seawitch