Below is my review for OVER THE EDGE by Suzanne Carroll.  

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Zoe Harper is dealing with the future mother-in-law from hell taking over her wedding and turning it into a side show.  Dan Costi, the husband to be, isn’t exactly sympathetic.  He tells her if she wants to elope just let him know. Zoe’s sorely tempted but knows such a course is fraught with peril.  She’s not sure she’s up to dealing with the consequences in her current fragile state. 

Angus Creed, CEO of Creed Constructions and self made millionaire, makes an unannounced visit to his Sydney office causing quite a stir.  No one knows exactly why he’s there and people are nervous.  

When Zoe and Angus meet unexpectedly, in quite an embarrassing manner for Zoe, hilarity, friendship and more ensues.  

Zoe Harper is a mature twenty-eight year old who understands the meaning of hard work and sacrifice.  She deserves a medal for putting up with Dan Costi, her fiance  and his mother, Marie.  Zoe has the advantage of a wonderfully supportive group of family, friends, and co-workers.  When first we meet Zoe she’s in the midst of a quiet breakdown in the restroom of a swanky hi-rise.  Did I mention that Zoe is an employee at Angus’ Sydney office?

Dan is the epitome of privileged and spoiled with a grating attitude of entitlement.  When Zoe has the audacity to question the wedding gift from his parents the ugliness inside Dan becomes blindingly apparent.

Marie is proof positive that money can’t buy class or manners. She has hijacked the small, tasteful, family oriented wedding Zoe had desired and is turning it into a bombastic side show. 

Angus Creed, owner of Creed Constructions- an international company, is an old thirty-two.  Angus hasn’t had a picket fence upbringing.  Despite this fact he’s a gentleman through and through.  When he assists Zoe she later returns the favor and friendship blossoms. In this age of tabloid press and people who’ll stoop to any level for their fifteen seconds Zoe’s discretion is a quality Angus admires and values.

Jo is Zoe’s best friend.  Her suggestion is the catalyst for Zoe meeting Angus.  Jo’s a person you want to have your back, loyal to a fault and honest.

Elaine, Zoe’s mom, is insightful, knows just how to get Zoe thinking and overall is quite wonderful.

Kevin and Jeffrey are the standard poodles who bring a bit of chaos and canine drama to Zoe’s life.  

OVER THE EDGE is a disarming love story I inhaled in one day.  Zoe and Angus were the mental equivalent of a breath of fresh spring air.  At least twice I caught myself cheering Zoe on out loud!  Her mental asides are a hoot and responsible for a lot of the charm of this little gem.  Several times I laughed aloud and wore a sappy grin during most of the book. 

The writing and story flow so easily that it reads amazingly fast.  The progression of Zoe and Angus’s relationship, as well as the bumps in their road, feel natural; never forced or contrived simply for the sake of dramatic effect.

There are no hot and steamy scenes in OVER THE EDGE.  To be honest I never missed them.  Angus and Zoe are all about the journey not the destination. It was refreshing to have their arrival at Consummation Avenue left entirely to my imagination.

A delightfully charming hero and heroine, strong ensemble cast, captivating romance and probable situations, combined with copious amounts of wit and humor make OVER THE EDGE an enchanting read.  I enjoyed it immensely.

4.5 stars