I’m late for a very important date. To announce some winners of our Cheryl Holt Author Spotlight. Cheryl sent me some numbers and the winners are.  Cathy P, Victoria Zumbrum and Sue G.

These lucky ladies will receive and digital copy of Love’s Promise by Cheryl Holt.   loves promise

Congratulations ladies, send me an email at Seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com with the email addy you want the book sent to and format.

Now I’m not late for this one, today is own Gel Friday’s ( or Stephanie as she is also known )  birthday. She is a young 28 today. For her birthday I’m giving away a copy of one of her favorite books To Ride a Pegasus   by Anne McCaffrey  .

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They were four extraordinary women who read minds, healed bodies, diverted disasters, foretold the future–and became pariahs in their own land. A talented, elite cadre, they stepped out of the everyday human race…to enter their own!
I’m also giving away a Men of Westerly Calendar in her honor, see above, and I bought our copy at the Johnny Cake Center in Westerly. Aprils men helped carry out Stephanie’s dresser I got her for her birthday, you should have seen her blush, but then you should have seen the guy blush when he saw I bought two of the calendars!
 It’s for a great cause and my hats off to all these gentlemen who braved this project. I canna wait until next years calendar comes out,  my favorite this year is August and not just because it’s my birth month or the lovely gloaming behind our model, there is just something about him that makes him so very desirable to me.   20130529_095847
I’m also giving away one of her favorite recipe books. Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, so make sure to wish our Gel Friday a Very Happy Birthday and I’ll have her pick a three winners in a few days.
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