Ok so I am going to Lori Foster’s this weekend, I bought three tickets and only two of us can go. So can anyone else use the ticket? You will have to get there on your own unless you live near me. If you fly in to Dayton or Columbus I can pick you up. You can have the hideaway bed in my room, all I ask is you share the cost of the room for the three days which would be 120.00. It runs Thurs night til Sunday morn. If you want the ticket and  can go email me asap at Seawitch reviews at yahoo com. Oh I don’t snore since I have a very quiet Cpap now.

Also I have two codes for RomCon for 1/2 price tickets, if you want the codes I will give those to anyone wanting to go although I’m not sure how long they are good for. I won’t be able to go this year, so sad. Email me for those at the above email too.

Z Seawitch