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So as you know I was in Rhode Island this April to do some packing and take care of some housing problems with our house up there.  While I was there I was able to visit with two of our own, Jeanne  who I’ll be doing a wee blog about later and Kathy Garuti who blogs over on Tartan Ink. I brought her a wee gift and she has sent me a review of the book I gave her. I did so enjoy my second trip up to Plymouth, Mass and I took Gel Friday with me and we enjoyed looking at the Plymouth Rock, well what’s left of it and buying lots of homemade fudge in several different flavors and visiting with Kathy of course too.   kathy 2

We walked around her property where she told us stories about the original house which is next to her house and the ghost of an ancestor they saw there.  kathy      We walked around the Cranberry Bog, a first for both Stephanie and I, and it is so interesting hearing about the cranberry business. We loved hearing about the history of the pond Kathy lives on and I found out when I got back to the RI house that my BF is a descendant of the Mayflower person it was named after. Here’s what Kathy told me: It’s  Billington Sea named for one of the Billington boys who came over on the  Mayflower.  One of the boys climbed a tall tree on one of the high hills in  town and thought he had found the way to the Pacific Ocean.  These are the  same boys who were playing a squibs in the hold of the Mayflower near the  gunpowder stores and nearly blew up the ship.  The pond covers an area of  about nine square miles and is only about 12 ft. deep at its deepest.  Isn’t it a small world so funny to find out Kathy lives on the pond named after my BF’s ancestor.

I got a neat surprise too while I was visiting Kathy, we were waiting to go on our walk when I heard Pipe music and I was like cool, she put some pipes on for me, I love the pipes…..nope it was her phone and the caller was none other than Sue-Ellen and I was able to say hello to her and chat for a few minutes. A totally wonderful day and I canna wait to see her again in July.

So here is Kathy’s review.


At The Highlander’s Mercy


To regain control of his fractured clan Robert Matheson must take Lilidh MacLerie hostage as a bargaining tool. But Lilidh is no ordinary captive. She’s the woman he once loved—and rejected!

Rob’s touch is etched permanently into her memory and, unaware that he was forced to repudiate their love, Lilidh has never forgotten the man who broke her heart all those years ago. Now, looking into the eyes of her captor, she no longer recognizes this fearsome leader. She should be afraid—there’s no telling what he will do. But something about him excites and unnerves her in equal measure….

This is my first ever book review.  I was given a copy of Terri Brisbin’s At the Highlanders Mercy.  I have never read one of Ms. Brisbin’s books and now have her on my list of authors to read.  I really enjoyed this book.

Before starting the book I visited Ms. Brisbin’s web page, http://www.terribrisbin.com.  I wanted to find out who the author was and what other books she has written.  What I found was a well established author with a good-sized back list.  What I didn’t like was I that I was holding book eight of the series.  I like to start at the beginning so I can see relationships develop.  I knew I would not be able to this time.  I also know that most authors write so that any of their books can stand alone.

The series revolves around the MacLerie Clan.  The Clan is led by the powerful Connor MacLerie know as the Beast of the Highlands.  This story is about his eldest daughter, Lilidh, who is the recently widowed bride of Iain MacGregor, the MacGregor clan chief. As the story opens she is arranging her return to her father’s household.  Lilidh has no real future and no desire to stay with her late husband’s family.  As the arraignments are made and she starts for home her party is attacked and she is kidnapped.

Rob Matheson is the surprise clan chief of the Matheson’s.  He is the illegitimate son of the late chief and the choice of the clan elders to lead.  There are cousins who have a better claim but most of the elders are behind Rob.  There is still strife and intrigue within the clan and Rob knows he must pull them together.  He is betrothed to his cousin Tyra and hopes the match will unite the various factions.  The potential to be a great chief is there.  Rob was fostered out to Connor MacLerie and learned from the best how to be a warrior and a leader.

Those who kidnap Lilidh are Matheson’s and they bring her to the keep.  Now not only does Rob have to unite his clan, he must keep them alive.  For he knows he is going up against one of the most ruthless men in all of Scotland.  While balancing all of this, he must also deal with the history between Lilidh and himself as well as the desire they both have for a future together that both realize is not to be, or is it?

The people in this book are real.  They have their short comings and their strengths.  The women are strong, no shrinking violets or weepy wimps here.  The men are honorable and aware of their duty to family and clan.

This is a well told and well paced story set against a back drop of intrigue within the clan and ever-changing alliances outside the clan.  Ms. Brisbin is a talented story-teller.  The only thing that I would wish for is a few descriptive passages.  I like to see the hall as the author sees it.  I want to know what is on the table to eat.  What are the colors in the hangings?  Are there hangings to begin with?  I would say though, please do not pass up this book or this author for her writing is too good to miss out on.  I give this book five stars.

Reviewed by Kathy Garuti

Hope you all enjoyed Miss Kathy’s visit and her review of At the Highlander’s Mercy by Terri Brisbin a favorite author of mine.

Z Seawitch