I have such a nice surprise for everyone.   fireworks 2

How excited I was when our dear Miss Ivy agreed to join me permanently here on SeawitchReviews From the Bookshelves. Ivy has been such a big help to me since I got sick back in November and I thank my lucky stars for her friendship.   fireworks 1

Miss Ivy is also a blogger over at ManicReaders  http://manicreaders.com/blog/

So for fun we are doing a duel review of 16 Marsden Place by Rachel Brimble.

First though let’s ask Miss Ivy our Question’s For Fun

SW: Which makes you go weak in the knees Southern Drawl or Scottish Burr?

Ivy: I’m from Georgia so I have to go with a Scottish Burr.  Do miss the drawl living up North though.

SW: Guard Dog, Lap Dog or Independent Cat?

Ivy: More a dog person. Currently I have Riley, a westie.  He’s deaf, has cataracts and congestive heart symptoms.  He’s such a good boy & really, in great shape & spry.  He was at the vet yesterday.  When he goes there won’t be another.

SW: Fur(wolfies) or Fangs(Vamps)?

Ivy: Always been a Vampy kinda woman after discovering Lestat and Comte St.Germaine.

SW: Time Travel to The Future or to The Past?

Ivy: Past, no contest.

SW: Your idea of camping 5 Star Hotel or Canvas Tent?

Ivy: I’ve done the tent & campfire thing.  Prefer the creature comforts now that I’m older so it’s 5 star all the way!

SW: Cowboy, City Slicker or Man of Mystery?

Ivy: Can I have all 3?  It all depends on my mood & that’s been fluctuating a bit lately..:D

SW: Offspring or Home aloner?

Ivy: 2 gone, 2 grands (4 stepgrands) & 1 at home. My baby is 16.

SW: Umbrella Cocktails or Longneck?

Ivy: Beer, unless it’s one of those Seagram’s things, makes my lips numb~just like Novocain so I’ll go with the cocktail. Actually a friend made up a drink for me knowing I liked sour & didn’t like the taste of alcohol.  1 over a long night is just right. He named it pink pussycat.

SW: Favorite Ice Cream?

Ivy: Oreo blizzard but rarely. Ice cream doesn’t really like me….

SW: Boxers, Briefs, Boxer-Briefs or Commando?

Ivy: Depends on the fella…J

SW: Snicker

SW: Camel Ride or Elephant Ride?

Ivy: Elephant definitely.

SW: Breakfast at Tiffany’s or IHOP?

Ivy: Gimme IHOP.  Tiffany’s is a bit much for me.

SW: Quiet Night In or Wild Night Out?

Ivy: In please.  Though occasionally I like a night out, they’re just not what you’d call wild anymore!

SW: Author You Would Love to Have Lunch With?

Ivy: There’s no way I could possibly choose just one…As soon as one comes to mind another pops up…

Short bio:

Georgia born Army brat (cousins claim I’m ½ Yankee since daddy’s from Wisconsin).  3 sons, 1 still @ home, 3 stepsons, 4 stepgrands and 2 grands.  I recently moved, again, from Indiana to Michigan.  I enjoy reading, crocheting, friends and family.  Would one day enjoy meeting all the wonderful friends I’ve made via the web.  I live in hope…J


So now let’s get to our reviews of 16 Marsden Place  16MarsdenPlace_Cover 450x679 

Seawitch’s take:

I found 16 Marsden Place to be delightful, funny, at times a sexy romp and sad a time or two as well. A very enjoyable read, this story had me giggling from the start and at times I cold feel the deep feelings and fears of Jack and Sienna.

Sienna Lloyd is a young woman who is again facing change  when her landlord raises her rent on her little sex shop by quite a large amount. She had started her sex business after the horrific murder of her beloved father which allowed her to stay in her hometown with her mother during their grief and recovery. Sienna is preparing to move her business into her own home in her little suburban  neighborhood when she meets her new neighbor Jack and his four year old twin daughters while trying to sneak some of his flowers from his back yard.

Jack has just signed on the dotted line and it preparing to move his family to Potterford the perfect safe place far away from his sexual crazy ex-wife when luck should have it and he meets his new sweet and sexy neighbor as she was crawling around his yard trying to dig up and steal some of his flowers. He is so happy to know that an upstanding and safe woman will be living next door and hopefully she will be able to help his family heal and recover from the horrors his ex-wife put them through with her sex capades and abandonment.

Jack is awe struck after meeting the lovely Sienna but that quickly turns to shock, horror than fury when he learns she intends to “open shop” right next door and has visions of crazy pedophiles flashing before his eyes. His misconceptions and her teasing him certainly keeps the story hopping. I love reading books set in different locations, I like hearing the different words and phrases and yes, I can hear their voices and accents in my head. I like how Sienna tells Jack that children don’t like her when he wants to introduce them to her and she is actually terrified of them at first.

I really enjoyed watching both Jack and Sienna and even the girls Holly and Katy move forward and work through their issues, and at times I cried, others I laughed and giggled and even a few times wanted to smack someone up-side the head.

I would definitely have to give 16 Marsden Place a 5 tail swish.

Z Seawitch

And now for Miss Ivy’s views:


Now to celebrate, everyone is going to get a Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together T-shirt from Desiree Holt and Secret Cravings, and Miss Ivy has a few books to give away from her stash at home.

The Scent of Shadows
Primal Instincts
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Hope you all are as happy as I am that Miss Ivy is here to stay and if you want to send me your snail mail addy with your t- shirt size I’ll try my best to get you the correct size or as close as I can get. Seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com
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