Happy Birthday America, may you have many more. But this is not just for us, I salute all those countries that have fought for and won there Independence and those that are still fighting. One of my own ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War so thank you to all those that have gone on before to shape and preserve our county.

No one better than John Wayne in my book, enjoy and celebrate safely everyone.

Now to switch over to Johnny Cash. This video may not make anyone who voted for Obama happy but I have yet to see him show respect like most would to the flag. I didn’t know that part was in the video until I watched it but like I said I have yet to see him salute or put his hand on his heart. I picked the video because of the song.

And Red Skelton, I loved to watch his show as a kid and I think he does such a great job here with the pledge.

I remember saying the pledge everyday as a child now most say it once a week or month and some don’t say it at all anymore, what a shame in my opinion.
Well I’m sure you are all thinking Why did Miss Ivy teach her how to do videos. Happy Independence Day Everyone!
Z Seawitch