Thought I’d share my thoughts on the second in Ms. Holt’s Lord Trent trilogy for those who might be interested.  Has anyone else read the first 2 yet?  What’re your thoughts if you have?  Do you agree or disagree?  Inquiring minds & all that.

I may be wrong but I believe a lot of Ms. Holt’s writing is tongue in cheek and over the top intentionally.  This adds to my enjoyment because it keeps things fun.  One of the few exceptions was LOVE’S PROMISE which read very dark to me.  What do y’all think?

loves price2

At the tender age of sixteen Helen and Harriet Stewart are turned out of their boarding school with nothing.  Their grandfather has passed and their uncle has chosen to neither fund the twins schooling nor give them an allowance.  Life since then has been hard but they’ve survived doing honest labor.  Harriet as a maid and Helen as a lady’s companion at the premier agency in London.  Little do they realize that Harriet’s self defense when accosted by her employer and Helen’s temerity in refusing a post will have astounding effects on the rest of their lives.    

Once again Ms.Holt treats us to two romances with Helen and James and Harriet and Tristan.  Par for the course, villains abound in LOVE’S PRICE.  You can’t swing a stick without hitting one, each plotting against our twins at every turn.  Vengeful lies, greedy cousins, spitefully conniving wards, intriguing pirates and high sea adventures combine to make LOVE’S PRICE an exciting and adventurous read.    

The difference between books 1 and 2 in the Lord Trent Series is night and day, Love’s Promise being an all around darker book. 

Instead of a hero who has numerous egregious sins to atone for in addition to a lot of growing we have dashing handsome heroes. 

James Harcourt, Lord Westwood, is hell bent on revenge against those he believes took advantage of his father leaving them in dire straits upon his death.  James has gambled them back to affluence while also using cards to exact retribution. 

Captain Tristan Harcourt has sailed for over twenty years and hopes to eventually have a fleet to secure his and James’ financial future. 

While each does behave boorishly on occasion they’re no where near as bad as Michael.    

Harriet is the feistier of the two and manages to land herself in seriously hot water.  Helen may seem more decorous and amenable but in her quiet way she’s as recalcitrant and stubborn as Harriet.  You can’t keep these sisters down for long.  Helen and Harriet possess stainless steel spines and always seem to come back swinging.   

Thrills, levity, nasty villains, poetic justice, and vibrant occasionally over the top characters, hallmarks of Ms. Holt, are magically infused in LOVE’S PRICE creating an amazingly fun escapist read.  It’s always wondrous when a book manages to sweep me away to another time and place, allowing me to vicariously become someone else and experience adventures impossible in my everyday world.  LOVE’S PRICE accomplishes that handily and in the process is currently neck and neck with my beloved Nicholas.   

Ms.Holt has penned a delightfully diverting escape from reality with LOVE’S PRICE.   

4 stars

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