Hello Everyone, Today will be a bitching day so I can avoid murder or divorce.

Well, I am back in WV, I got in at oh, 4am Tuesday morning. I left the truck loaded only able to get one suitcase from under the canvas tarp before the rain poured down. The rain had poured down since I hit Connecticut and since we didn’t get the load properly covered the suitcases on the side got soaked but at 4am I didn’t care when they wouldn’t unload easy and I was falling asleep on my feet. So up at 8am to unload my soggy belongings and sort what went to the storage unit and what stayed and yes, there was some cursing when I discovered the book I was reading got wet.

I came home to a flea infested house so I spent yesterday trying to bomb/kill fleas so I can bring Stephanie’s Gecko Godzilla into the house. Yes the Kitty snuck outside and brought the little mass reproducing bast**ds in……Bad Kitty…..he got a despised flea bath too. I also came home to an empty house…an empty dirty house…..empty except for the cat, fleas and Maddy’s Goldfish – Billy Bob Joe Medusa Bob Ojanpera-Lynch- yes, that is the fish’s name. Denny is out-of-town temporarily helping his uncle and he left my house a mess, dirty dishes in the sink and dirt in my bed, I HATE, HATE, HATE dirt in my bed, and dirt everywhere on the floor. I hung clothes up when I left outside on the line and told him to take them in later that day. I know  thanks to his sister that they hung several days and he only took them down after someone asked his dad in passing how long he was going to leave my clothes on the line, and the wet ones waiting to be hung just sat there. I brought home a ton of dirty clothes from the boys’ two weeks at camp and I have to re-wash the abandoned wet clothes too now. Cat box hasn’t been cleaned in a week but I know Denny wouldn’t touch that, the cat left a hairball on my quilt and Denny left me that  gift too.

So I unloaded truck, went to cooking class to learn about whole grains and make pumpkin pancakes(tasty), took stuff to storage , took Gecko to SIL’s and visited for a while, set off bombs, took Zack to his Scout swim test for Second class scout which he passed. Dropped other kids off, visited for a few hours with my MIL then I took Ephraim and Maddy to their pageant meetings for the fair in two weeks. Ephraim just has to be cute, wave and answer two questions for the Little Mister contest. Maddy has to learn the Cup Song and/or a line dance to the song, which she will not be judged on thank goodness, do her introduction which will be judged along with her smile, poise, friendliness and confidence/composure and she too has to answer two questions for the Princess. Then we came home where I sprayed all the beds for fleas…did I mention the house is infested?????, gave the cat a 30 minute deluxe soak in kitchen sink spa with loverly smelling flea shampoo while avoiding teeth and claws, sprayed all the furniture and heck the hardwood floor too. Then I went around collecting children, fed the cow, I let them ( the children) forage for their supper while I washed the sweat off because the AC died while I was gone too as well as the ceiling fan above my bed which now only turns at the slowest speed but, at least it turns!, the light portion of it, Denny left scattered among all the dirty dishes and empty water bottles in the kitchen and he broke one of the globes. Then I used my handy-dandy dust buster to vacuum writhing fleas off my legs and the floor and put out the rain-soaked garbage can for the trash man tomorrow, thanks Dear for leaving the lid off!, it’s so fun emptying water out of full garbage bags so the trash man will take them. He gets a pass on my lawn being up to mid- calf because it rained so much and often that the ground was too soggy to mow without bogging down. But it still irked me and my FIL mowed some of it today for me.  I then watched some Game Show Network and was just about to go to bed when I remembered I had no post done for today so here I am at 3:30 am typing away to save my sanity. Out of everything though, what kills me the most is the unmade bed with dirt in it, yep that beats out the fleas, he knows how OCD I am about my bed being made, clean sheets – no wrinkles or dirt or crumbs.

Now are you all ready for the really funny part???? When I texted him that I wasn’t happy about the house and the fact that he couldn’t even clean up after his own self. He texted me back that the house being dirty was  mostly the cats fault, he did it.

And there you go I hope you all enjoyed this weeks What’s Up Wednesday and it gave you a good giggle because I’m hoping I’ll get to sleep in a wee bit longer tomorrow. Then I have a lot of unpacking, sorting, laundry and cleaning to do. The laundry is fun because just before I left my dryer quit working, that’s why Denny finally put up a line for me. Oh and he still hasn’t fixed my van, it’s still torn apart in my driveway. His Honey Do or Die list is getting longer.

So, tell me what you are up to today?????

Z Seawitch