As I’m sure you all know I love Robin Carr’s Virgin River series and I was sad to be leaving Virgin River, one of my all-time favorite series. Alas we are not to be saddened though, as Robyn has started a new series, Thunder Point, set on my beloved Oregon Coast.


I have finished the first book in this series The Wanderer and I love it!  I have the second book, The Newcomer and I canna wait to get my mitts on it and I will soon.

We have met our unlikely hero before when he visited Virgin River with his boy toys, devil-may-care attitude and his wanderlust.

First thing I think is important when you go to read The Wanderer is knowing that the Hero and Heroine don’t actually meet right away. The story begins with our hero,  Hank Cooper meeting Sarah’s younger brother Landon after he has arrived in town to take care of a friend’s estate. This wasn’t a problem for me as the story is very engaging.

Hank Cooper was a chopper pilot in the Army then he did odd gigs that came his way his last being with offshore oil rigs until he saw the devastation an oil spill can dish out and he quit. He was in Virgin River meeting up with old Army pals when one, Ben, called out saying he just couldn’t make it. Then Cooper received a call that Ben had been killed and he left him something. So he loads up his toys in his toy hauler/home on wheels and travels on up the coast from Virgin River to the rocky shores of the Oregon Coast to find out what happened to Ben. I think what I liked about Cooper is that he had a devil-may-care attitude in general but when he saw something that just wasn’t right, or saw someone needed a hand he wasn’t afraid to say “hey, let me help.” or just be there to help or listen. This is where his relationship with Landon comes into play.

Sarah our heroine is just trying to get over her divorce and betrayal from her ex-husband and doesn’t trust men as far as she can throw them, which isn’t very far. She is a helicopter pilot with the Coast Guard so was her ex and at the moment they are assigned to the same duty station. Sarah’s parents had died in an accident a few years before and she had guardianship of her younger brother Landon. They had moved to Thunder Point for a fresh start after her divorce. But for Landon things didn’t go so well, being the new kid in town and being naturally talented in the football arena, usurping the local rich kid who thought he was all that.

This story has a bit of mystery as Cooper’s friend Ben died under suspicious circumstances and Hank is told conflicting stories. He is stunned to find out Ben, his gentle giant friend, has left him a whole lot of beach front property and a whole slew of problems. Cooper decides to stick around and poke around and try to figure out what Ben would have wanted him to do with the land he left him. He soon finds out it is worth a whole lot of money and could make it possible for him to live his life footloose and fancy free as he has been if he just signs on the dotted line but he just doesn’t think that is what Ben would have wanted. As time goes on Cooper starts to get involved with the towns people finding out about Ben and making friends. Then he meets Sarah after helping her brother out and soon they get involved but with Sarah stating it’s a temporary thing…no strings attached… just until he moves on….just so she can get her feet wet in the romance dept. again.

I love this little town of Thunder Point, the cast of characters is delightful and varied from the crusty little old man/handyman Rawley to the town cougar/real estate agent Ray Anne. The twists and turns leading to Ben’s death and Landon’s struggles to fit in and the secondary stories of the towns people just add depth and delight to this story. All I can say is Welcome to Thunder Point, glad you’re here and we hope you stay awhile. If the second book is anything like the first I will certainly be happy to stay awhile.


Want to go check out Thunder Point yourself….well here is Robyn’s website link.

5 Tail Swishes from me.

Z Seawitch