When I read the blurb for JUMP THE GUN I had to read it.  Could Annabelle Starkey measure up to Stephanie Plum or raising the bar even higher,  Bobbie Faye?  Has anyone else out there discovered Bobbie Faye?  A bit over the top but I laughed so hard I was afraid of hurting something!  Sometimes you just need that.  There doesn’t appear to be any new Bobbie Faye’s on the horizon so I really wanted a rom com mystery to fill the void.  Sadly, my search goes on.

jump the gun

Annabelle Starkey is a film buff and publicity manager for a San Francisco publisher.  While at a book convention in Chicago she meets sales director Mickey Paxton.  Mickey has it all, good looks, charm to spare, confidence, and success if the way he spends is anything to go by.  When the convention ends he suggests an impromptu Vegas trip to Annabelle.  Shortly after their arrival in Vegas events go all Sea of Love on Annabelle and Mickey.

Annabelle Starkey is billed as Stephanie Plum without the attitude.  Unfortunately it wasn’t just the attitude that was lacking for me.

As Annabelle is a film buff I expected a lot of film references.  Even though I’m more of a reader than movie watcher I’d actually seen many of the movies and had no problem with the frequent mentions.  My first problem lay with the political references. Not sure about other readers but I prefer my escapist reading to be free of political bias.  I’d rather have characters, even ones briefly described in passing and never introduced, be deemed good or bad based on their traits rather than their political leanings.  For me the references added nothing to the story, weren’t the least funny, and detracted from the book.

However, my biggest problem lies with Annabelle, Mickey and their Bullit relationship.  While the fast pace suited the action and mystery that started once they arrived in Vegas it was a disservice to Annabelle and Mickey developing as a couple.  There wasn’t enough time spent on their initial attraction and interaction for me to believe Annabelle would impulsively fly to Vegas with Mr.Gorgeous and Perfect Paxton so I questioned and doubted them throughout the book.

While there were elements I liked JUMP THE GUN didn’t live up to its potential and was simply a quick, fluffy, mediocre read for me.

3 stars

Current read is the latest in Lorelei James’ Blacktop Cowboys Srs., TURN AND BURN, so I hope to have that & THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF MISS JANE AUSTEN for y’all next week.

DH bought me a new laptop for my birthday which was a humongous surprise.  We don’t usually do gifts for bdays.  I’ve spent the last few days trying to transfer data & learn the new computer & OS.  I thought I’d gotten all my pics but found out earlier tonight I hadn’t.  Have to try & scrounge them from other places if possible.  Taking a break now to get some reading done.

Y’all have a great weekend!