I was just going through all my emails and I found a very sad one from our friend Cathy Phillips, some of you may have already heard but since I’ve been offline I’m late getting the news. Cathy’s husband Dan had cancer and it traveled fast at the end and the treatments he was getting couldn’t stop it. He has passed I am sad to say Aug. 1st. Here is the last email she sent me. I hope you all will include Cathy in your prayers.  I have been keeping Dan and Kathy in my prayers for awhile and I had hoped his treatments would help.

Hi, Zina!  Just want to let you know my husband passed away last Thursday afternoon from cancer of the brain.  I called the mental health center and they sent me to a hospital overnight.  The next day I checked into a Crisis Recovery Center and don’t know how long I will have to stay:  anywhere from a week to a month.  I am devastated, but it was the best thing for him since he was suffering so much.
If anyone wants to send Cathy an email through me I’ll forward it to her.