Sorry for the delay in getting these out.    A few books have been added to those Zina posted in July.  I’ve tried making lists so I don’t buy dupes but forget to update them. The books are  in  pairs with 5 sets, well actually 4.  The 5th is a hardback while the rest are mm and trade.

Set 1

Knight of Passion~Margaret Mallory
My Unfair Lady~Kathryne Kennedy
Set 2
Primal Instincts~ Susan Sizemore
The Scent of Shadows~ Vicki Pettersson
Set 3
Shadow Bound~ Erin Kellison
The Shattered Sylph~ L.J.McDonald
Set 4
Katherine~ Anya Seton
Miss Julia Delivers the Goods~ Ann B. Ross
This Body of Death~Elizabeth George HC (not bkclub ed.)
Blondieback, glittergirl, & CathyP, Manuela Harris, & Carol L are the winners provided y’all are in the U.S..  Please email me your druthers in descending order of preference.   ivydtruitt  (at)  gmail  (dot)  com.   I’ll try to accommodate your choices as best I can.
CathyP…deepest sympathies.
Y’all Take Care…