Let’s start with the good news shall we?

Today was the first day back to school for my kids, yeah ! Peace and quiet reign in my house again until 3;30 pm. DJ hates me taking pictures. This year only five live at home as Liz the oldest of the younger six will be starting college at Davis and Elkins thanks to her good grades and student loans. Denny just finished up his summer classes, he got 3 A’s and 2 B’s. His fall classes stat on Monday and the house will be even quieter.


We just had our little country fair and the two youngest were in the pageants for Little Mister and Princess, neither won but they had fun and want to try again next year. I entered an apple pie and a blackberry pie and I won first place on both. Liz entered banana nut muffins and no bake cookies and both won first. Babe entered a carrot cake from scratch and won first, DJ entered two ceramics and won first for both, Liz also entered one ceramic and won second. Ephraim won high point boy for the youth games that week and Zack came in third in the skillet throwing, I stepped over the line and was docked 5 feet for my throw. DJ came in first for his hay bale toss of 27 feet, whatever inches and I came in third for the women’s nail pounding, which surprised me because I think I was having an out of body experience during the contest and needed to eat. Zack also came in first in his weight class for the kiddie pedal pull, he was the only one with a full pull in his class. Oh and I won the 50/50 drawing the second night of the fair, watched the Davidson Brothers Band, who are some really nice guys…yes I know them, they’re friends of Denny’s Cousin.


and Matt Enik, who we are related to – two different ways, what did you expect…this is West Virginia!



It was a good ending to our summer.

The next good news is that Glittergirl will receive a copy off Uncompahgre by Reid Lance Rosenthal.

Product Details So send me an email with your addy so I can pre – order it with my gift card.

Now for the query. As you all know I almost died back in Nov. of last year. My recovery was very slow with a few wee setbacks. It has been months and I find that I am still tired, the phrase that comes to mind is bone weary, and  Iam now suffering from some older heath problems and a bit of the blues. I find that my heart just isn’t into having the responsibility of keeping up the blog like I should be doing. We also lost our house in RI and I will be returning there for two weeks to finish emptying it out, yes that has added to my blues because I love living in RI. My van and dryer are still broke and with this weather it takes almost all day to dry clothes out on the line.

So after thinking on it for quite a while I am going to take a step back. I want to know what you all think, I’ve asked Miss Ivy to take over the blog, the name will change and you all may have to re-subscribe and I’ll be posting every now and then but it won’t happen right away but we’re hoping you’ll stay and enjoy everything Miss Ivy has in the works.  So let us know and I need your help. I have my 49th birthday coming up on the 25th and I have some gifts to give out so if you want one and I have about 30 -40 of them to give away please email me your snail mail addy at Seawitch reviews at yah oo dot com. The only catch is I won’t be sending them out until I get back in Sept.

I love all my friends here that I have made in the last two years or so and I thank you for following me. Well the two wee ones are home from school and everyone else is at after school practice for football and cross-country so I’ll sign off now. Love you all and thank you, thank you all so very much for your friendship, I’ll treasure it the rest of my days and you’ll still see me here and there, and you all have my email addy too.

Z Seawitch