These are all romance….

Julie Tetel Anderson  Has anyone read her before?  She’s been around a while.  Have 2 of her books & a novella to review.  Maybe this was during my “mysteries exclusively” phase.   If you’ve read her what’d you think?

Victoria Vane

Erin Quinn

Melissa Schroeder’s extended tour celebrating TEASE ME.

and some others that I’m checking on.  These will have giveaway’s too!  Right now Erin is giving away a digital backlist title,  winner’s choice.  Mist’s of Ireland series anyone?

Violet Duke is also giving away a signed print of the Complete NICE GIRL TO LOVE series.  Click on the links to enter.

Sometimes both blogs will feature the same authors & or titles but not on the same dates w/ the exception of cover reveals.

Does this list sound good to y’all so far?  Is there anyone you’d like to see featured or meet?  Please do lemme know, would welcome your suggestions.

Thought I’d share a pic of daddy & HRH….2 peas in a pod!  She’s gonna be such a lil geek if he has his way. 🙂

2 peas n a pod daddy & hrh 6-2013

Have to get NOAH’S RAINY DAY read & reviewed, time’s running out!!

Y’all have a lovely day & TC!