Lightning round is where I’ve found some incredible buys on Amazon & am sharing.

They’re digital & you need to have a kindle or the app on your computer.  The app is free..:)

It’s a Lightning Round because I don’t know how long the deals will last so it ends @11pm est tonight (9-1-2013).  Leave me a comment telling me how your day or holiday weekend’s going to be entered.  You can also leave your order of preference.  1 winner for each deal.

!st up is Daring Damsels~ a Medieval treat of 4 books by Denise Donning, Catherine Kean, Eliza Knight, and Laurel O’Donnell.

daring damsels


Next up is Lord & Lady Spy by the lovely Ms. Shana Galen…

lord & lady spy


We found a great deal on a car for HRH’s daddy yesterday…everyone is happy dancing. We stayed below budget so he has money left to set aside for emergencies.  Speaking of HRH…What a face, huh?

hrh riding mommy 828-13Y’all have a good one!!