Hello Everyone

I am back from Rhode Island.  I am sorry I didn’t get to visit my two friends up there but I was so busy packing up the rest of the house, cleaning then moving Stephanie and Sarah into their new place I only managed to have one free day while I was there. It was my birthday and I went to church then Stephanie treated me to a tea, we had peppermint tea, some special egg salad sandwiches and some raspberry white chocolate chip scones with clotted cream( from Scotland) and boy was it ever good. While we ate we watched Gerard Butler in Chasing Mavericks then we headed off the Misquamicut  Beach where I just sat on the beach watching the people and Stephanie then the beautiful sunset God delivered for us. Then we went over to my friends restaurant, Two Little Fish and we shared Fish and Chips.

It came down to the wire me getting everything out by the deadline and into storage of the back of the truck to bring home. You know Miss Ivy told me that sometimes change and letting are good things, I’ve given that advice myself but sometimes we need to hear those words too. It wasn’t so much the house itself as it was my new floors, cabinets and the great location that I’m going to miss. I would have loved to tear the house down and rebuild a new one from my own design, I just liked the spot it was in. We had a family of red Squirrels living in the walls and ceilings and you could hear them batting around a pine cone while watching tv in the dining room. I hurt my elbows carrying tile from one garage to the other, hauling over a ton of stuff to the dump because we had to remove all debris and broken/unwanted furniture.

I took a lot of stuff to the Johnny Cake center Thrift store including a treadmill from the early 80’s and let me tell you it was heavy I took it down two flights of stairs by myself, so now you know why my elbows, knees and hips were on revolt. The worst though was picking up the two Truck axles and getting them up to the truck bed over four feet in the air, my son-in-law and friend Sarah helped but we almost didn’t make it, I could barely move my arms for two days after that. I just finished the steroids yesterday the doc here gave me for the pain and swelling. I’ll be going back up in Oct or Nov to get the stuff out of storage.

When I got back Denny informed me that he had gotten the lease for 107 acres of farm land but it comes at a steep price, the first year we have to clear all the brush off the fence line and make any repairs needed. Then stating the second year and each year after that, that we have the lease we have to maintain the property and give the owner one steer he can raise for his freezer. So we have started to clear the fence line and so far the fence looks great it just needs the barbed wire tightened but it has about 10 years of growth on it so it’s slow going. But the hay we’ll get from it will feed the cows and horses.

I myself am still feeling tired and ran down and the doc just gave me half a sleeping pill to try to keep me asleep at night because I am dragging and sleeping through out the day…that’s the narcolepsy. I have also started to volunteer with the high school choir for one hour a day to get me out of the house. I have an apt next month to get my blood tested again to make sure my iron is staying up and we’ll see if she wants me to go have some tests to see exactly what’s up inside, if it’s just my colitis acting up or if I have Chron’s , when I was a teenager my mother’s doc told me I had colitis like her but he never did any formal testing so now it’s time to find out what exactly it is.

I have to go through my laptop this week and decide what to keep off it then Denny will be taking it to some IT friends who will wipe it clean and make it like it was brand new with some improvements so I will still be gone for a while yet then when I come back we’ll see if I can’t get my stuff together and going and help Miss Ivy out with some reviews.

I have over 10,000 emails to wade through to find addys for those that said they would like a goody bag but if you want to make sure you get one please feel free to send me another email with your snail mail addy and t-shirt size to Seaw Itch Revi ews at Ya Hoo Dot com, after you fix it of course with all lower case. Oh and put Goody Bag in the subject line to help me out.

That’s it for now, I’m sure I have bored everyone enough and I hope all has been well with you all, if not please tell me about it, sometimes just having an ear to talk too helps. I love you all and thanks for being such good friends.

Z Seawitch