Y’all please welcome Dawné.  I’ve read her The First Series with the exception of the last & that’s because it’s not finished…:)  It’s an addictive blending of biblical, mythical, romance, action, and morality questions that hooked me immediately.  If you’re looking for something different you should really give The First a go.

Hi, everyone. My name is Dawné Dominique and I’m a paranormal / fantasy author. My fantasy writing leans toward the Lord of the Rings genre, and my paranormal consists of vampires and wolves, but no matter which genre I write in, I always have kick-ass female heroines. When I was writing Dark Prisoner, it turned into a 150k+ epic novel. Throughout the entire writing process I had attempted to interject romance here and there, but it never seemed to work. My heroine was too tough to be reduced to whimsical kisses and promises made in the heat of passion. That poor novel has been sitting in the editing stages for well over fifteen years, so I guess there is always hope. My paranormal writing is edgier and more hard-core. I call it romance with a bite (pun intended). I don’t sugarcoat my life, so my writing is a reflection of my personality.

When I was asked to write for a romance/erotic cowboy anthology, I turned the offer down. Every wanna-be writer’s dream is to be approached by a publisher to write for them, but I couldn’t bask in the spotlight because what did I know about writing romance? Or even cowboys, for that matter? Being a sucker for a challenge and after some coaxing from several published authors I knew, I sat down and began writing. In less than a month, I penned a 30k+ modern-day cowboy romance and submitted it…cringing all the way. To my delight, Ridley’s Rival was accepted for publication. No one was more surprised than me. I can honestly say that it’s not always true that a writer can write about anything. That novella was definitely outside my comfort zone. I had to conduct hours of research on breeding mustangs, although I barely broached the subject in the book. I must have done something right because Ridley’s earned a CAPA nomination.

edens hellEvery author evolves as they hone their craft. After Ridley’s, I ventured over to the darker side of paranormal and found my niche in a genre wherein I could incorporate magic, mystery, horror, and romance and erotica into a vampire series called The First. Romance plays a definite part between several main characters, but because of who and what they are, sex is inevitable.

So how does one create a romance novel where sex doesn’t become the main focus? There has to be strong characters and underlying questions for readers to ask themselves, along with scenes and events that place readers right into the thick of action; and, of course, good writing skills. More importantly, one must create complex characters that you know shouldn’t be together. In real life, lust is always more powerful than logic. And many of you know that following one’s heart can sometimes lead down roads less traveled.

In my years as a managing editor, hundreds of erotic novels crossed my desk. The distinction of what is considered “erotica” as opposed to straight up “romance” is a muddled area for some. For me, it’s quite simple to differentiate. “Erotica” is based on the premise of romance between complex characters that when you read about them they aren’t destined to be together, which inevitably creates the compelling plot. When they get together, it should be hot and bothered reading. With romance, it’s the same type of complex characters, but steamy sexual tension and not the act itself propels the story to pleasurable heights. It’s a fine line to some and a huge crater to others. The romance / love aspects in my novels are strong and believable, but it’s the character themselves that grab the attention and not the acts themselves.

ridleys rivalCompared to my vampire series, Ridley’s is a sweet tale of two characters who have known each other since childhood. Even back then they didn’t get along. Now all grown up, throw in a verbal agreement wherein they have to work together in order to achieve a successful outcome, an interesting story is created. Add a subplot of back-history between them and the plot thickens. My goal as an author is to attempt to hold a reader’s attention until that last page is read. If you don’t believe me, check out some of my novels.  ; )

Ivy, thank you so much for having me at your little book nook today. It’s always such a pleasure to spend time with you.  ((hugs))  And thanks to everyone who dropped by.  If you leave us a comment, or two, you could be the lucky winner of a PDF copy of Ridley’s Rival. Dawne’s giveaway ends @12am est 9-29-13. Good luck y’all!


Happy reading, everyone!

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