Lets’ give a big warm welcome to Erin Quinn. Y’all might know Erin from her Mists of Ireland Srs.    Haunting Desire is my personal favorite..:) Erin has something quite different for us with her latest release, THE FIVE DEATHS OF ROXANNE LOVE.  

Thank you for having me on Miss Ivy’s Book Nook.  It’s always a pleasure to be visiting with you, Ivy!  Likewise, Erin. 🙂

It’s a very personal experience, writing a book.  I have to be willing to plunder my own emotions and fall in love with the people I create to do it.  It’s what I love the best and hate the most about it.  By the time a book is finished, I often feel like I’ve been through a war.  While I’m writing, I am creating a man I could fall in love with and building a woman I’d like to be.   The challenge of it is unending.

5DeathsofRoxanneLove-TagLineWhen it came to Roxanne and Santo—hero and heroine of The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love,  I had two major stumbling blocks to overcome.  For Roxanne, I had to get into the mind of a woman who just wanted to be like everyone else when the fact is, she never could be.  Page one begins on the eve of her fourth death—that means she’d already died and been miraculously revived before the story even began.  Pretty much as far from normal as it’s possible to get.

But wait—you haven’t met Santo yet.  Santo, in fact, isn’t human.  He’s a Reaper who feels Roxanne has cheated him too many times.  He takes over Santo Castillo’s body in the moments before suicide and, impersonating Santo, decides to track down Roxanne Love and finish her off for once and for all.  But once he steps into the skin of a man, the Reaper starts to feel.  He doesn’t understand it.  And he certainly doesn’t like it.  But as every human knows, the heart wants what the heart wants.

And his heart wants Roxanne.

Now, as a man of flesh and blood, he’s experiencing the wonder of touching and tasting…of being with Roxanne Love.  Every moment the newly minted Santo spends in Roxanne’s company, he becomes more enamored with her and suddenly his quest to end her life becomes a mission to save it.  As Roxanne brings Santo to acceptance of his newly acquired humanity, Santo makes Roxanne appreciate her unique gift and beauty.  He shows that being extraordinary far surpasses being normal.  The two teach one another the meaning of love and resiliency.


“Trust me a little longer, angelita,” he murmured.

“Don’t call me that. And I haven’t trusted you yet.”

“Now who’s the liar?”

She didn’t dispute it. He was right. Again. She didn’t know what she believed or what she wanted. The moment had turned without her knowledge, and her fury had faltered in the shifting winds. Mixed within her confusion, something stronger than rage smoldered red-hot. Something that sparked when his mouth touched her throat. She felt drugged by his nearness.

He felt it, too. His arms encircled her, his fingertips tracing up her spine to her nape, where they began a slow, lazy courtship with her knotted muscles. His hips rolled gently against hers as he kissed her neck, her chin, her ear. Her breasts felt tight and sensitive and she arched against his chest. She couldn’t help it.

From the first instant she’d seen Santo Castillo, she’d been aware of him, of the subtle thrumming signal he seemed to emit just for her. She didn’t know if this was a moment out of time or a moment that would seed the future. At that moment, it didn’t seem to matter.

He refused to let her look away as he leaned closer, sweetening the tension of waiting for his lips to find hers. It made her ache to close the distance, to taste and touch . . . to feel all that his nearness promised. But she understood his message. Here was her chance to say no.

Here was her chance to refuse him.

She believed him when he said they would come for her. Perhaps in some deep subconscious well, she’d expected it. She believed he would help her. He would protect her. For all the unpredictable darkness he exuded, she felt safe with him.

And she wanted the kiss he held just out of reach. She wanted it very badly. She slid her fingers through his hair and met him halfway.

His mouth was hot and open and his tongue found hers in a seduction that made her knees wobble. In two steps he backed her to the wall, holding her hips to his and rocking the hard length of him against her belly. His body surrounded her as her hands explored his stomach and chest. She slid her fingers beneath his shirt so she could feel him without barriers. In an instant, he’d shucked it and yanked hers up and over her head, too. He gathered her to him, and she nearly swooned from the feel of all that skin and muscle up against her own soft curves.

Who was this man who could break her trust and then bend her to his will in the next moment?

He lifted his head and gave her a somber look.

“Quit thinking.”

Then his hands cupped her breasts as his mouth moved over them with hot, lingering kisses she had no will to resist.

She quit thinking.

Erin is generously offering a digital of THE FIVE DEATHS OF ROXANNE LOVE to one (1) lucky commenter.  This is quite different from Erin’s Mists of Ireland Srs. but I’m quite intrigued. What do y’all think of Death as a hero? Giveaway ends @12am est 10-21-13 with the winner announced shortly thereafter.  Good Luck!

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