So, hi there. I’m Ava Miles, a contemporary romance writer of the new Christmas story called THE HOLIDAY SERENADE, part of my Dare Valley series. I want to thank Miss Ivy for hosting me today to talk about my newest novel.

Some men have to get serious to win the women they love, and this statement couldn’t be truer for my steamy hero, Rhett Butler Blaylock. You heard that right: Rhett Butler Blaylock. His mama named him after the iconic figure, and Rhett possesses the devil-may-care attitude of his namesake. Oh, and he’s a professional poker player too. The woman he’s fallen for is a Martha Stewart wanna be, and she’s got him helping her make Christmas wreaths (he knows he’s toast). But he still teases her about only making gingerbread men cookies. He thinks it’s downright sexist of her. Abbie Maven, my heroine, so does not take to this idea. I mean, she hasn’t come across a cookie cutter like that, and it would be embarrassing.

Since Abbie’s the kind of woman who likes the elegance of parties, Rhett decides to throw a fairy tale Christmas party for her. At this reception, he plans to unveil the Christmas song he wrote, and one he’s hired his best friend, country singer Rye Crenshaw, to perform.

Here’s what Abbie sees when she first arrives at the party:

He’d created a magical winter wonderland. Him. Rhett Butler Blaylock. White netting dotted with miniscule white lights rippled like waves from the high ceiling, creating a magical sense of intimacy. Giant soldiers straight out of The Nutcracker flanked a small stage at the front. The servers were all dressed in winter white uniforms dotted with a gold insignia of The Grand Mountain Hotel, carrying silver trays filled with an array of succulent hors d’oeuvres and frosted crystal glasses of champagne. The music drifted through the room like a gentle breeze. Was that from The Nutcracker, too? It sure sounded like it, and it made her body want to sway and execute an arabesque.

Rhett’s been known for some wild times, being one of the poker circuit’s more flamboyant players (again like his namesake). But all that changes when he admits he loves Abbie and wants to marry her. The big problem is getting her to agree, so he knows he needs to up the ante. When Abbie sees him at the party, she can scarcely believe the transformation. It’s one of my favorite romantic moments in the story.

And then the crowd seemed to part, and her fairy tale prince appeared. He wore gray dress pants and a white dress coat with a white shirt underneath. The gray silk tie had sparkles on it, something only Rhett could pull off. He wasn’t truly in a Christmas costume, but it didn’t matter. It was the most dressed up she’d ever seen him.

Ah. So if your man threw you a fairy tale party, how would you react?

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ava-miles author photoAva Miles burst onto the contemporary romance scene after receiving Nora Roberts’ blessing for her use of Ms. Roberts’ name in her debut novel, NORA ROBERTS LAND, which kicked off The Dare Valley Series and brought praise from reviewers and readers alike. Much to Ava’s delight, BlogCritics says “It [NORA ROBERTS LAND] captures the best of…a Nora Roberts novel,” while USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog praises the series noting its “wonderful, idyllic setting… [and] great characters.” Ava continued The Dare Valley Series in FRENCH ROAST, which Tome Tender says “raised the entertainment bar again” and then THE GRAND OPENING, which reviewer Mary J. Gramlich says “is a continuation of love, family, and relationships.” Now, Ava releases the fourth book in the series, THE HOLIDAY SERENADE, with her recognized wit and charm, creating happy endings with humor and heart. A descendant of generations of journalists, Ava—a writer since childhood—now lives in her own porch-swinging-friendly community with an old-fashioned Main Street lined with small businesses. Much like Dare Valley.

THE HOLIDAY SERENADE, Book 4, The Dare Valley Series, by Ava Miles

Contemporary Romance/Fiction/Original

October 2013/On Sale 10-21-13/$2.99 (eBook), ISBN: 9781940565026

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