Y’all welcome Kelsey Browning and Nancy Naigle.  This isn’t a historical romance but it is Southern & I’m partial to Southern..:) Maybe after meeting the Grannies you’ll be partial too…

in for a penny

  • Tell us a little about The Granny Series characters.

    • In For a Penny starts with Lillian Summer Fairview. Her husband up and died on her, leaving her nothing but trash bags full of losing scratcher lottery tickets. Now, her creative solution to her money problems has landed her sweet Southern hind-parts in one hot mess.

    • Handygal Maggie Rawls is Lil’s BFF from their days at William & Mary. Recently widowed, Maggie moves to Georgia to keep Lil company and help her look after Summer Haven, the family estate.

    • When Californian Serendipity Johnson shows up at the local Wal-Mart in her VW Camper Van, Sheriff Castro has three choices—shoo her out of Summer Shoals, arrest her for boondocking, or take her to Summer Haven.

    • Abby Ruth Cady is Texas to the tips of her custom cowboy boots. When Teague Castro asks her to come to come to Georgia to spy on a group of blue-hairs as some fancy-schmancy estate, Abby Ruth heads out to help. But she quickly finds that tagging along with these gals is way more fun than tattling on them and joins them in the search for a double-crossing funeral director.

  • Which Granny is your personal favorite?

    • Nancy: Oh gosh, I love all them to bits. It’s funny because on the surface they are very stereotypical, but as the series plays out y’all will get to know what’s ticking underneath and driving these gals. Today my favorite is Maggie, but tomorrow I’ll probably pick a different one. 

    • Kelsey: You know, I’ll always have a soft spot for Abby Ruth. She is a Texan, after all. But I’m totally attached to all the grannies for different reasons!

  • The Grannies all look so skinny in their pictures. Where’s the full-figured representation?

    • Oh honey, haven’t you heard of glamour shots?? Maggie is a nice size 16, and you can bet the grannies will come in all shapes and sizes. We were so lucky to meet up with Michelle Preast who took our descriptions and brought the grannies to life.  We even have foot-tall paper dolls of all the grannies and that handsome sheriff that joins us on our writing excursions. Otherwise, the paper dolls hang in Kelsey’s office over her windows like those little Small World kids – LOL. Everyone comments on them!

  • And Sera looks awfully young—what’s the deal?

    • Nancy: Sera does look young, and she is. Grannies aren’t all old ladies. Honey, these are not your momma’s grannies. These gals are more like Dirty Harry…over 50, female and from the South.  I’m over 50…I still look pretty young too! Kelsey hasn’t caught up to granny-age yet but I’m sure she’s going to have that Abby Ruth-style going on.

    • Kelsey: Haven’t you heard that 70 is the new 50?? And if that’s the case, then Sera gets a 20-year pass as well, so it’s not surprising she looks like she’s in her 30s or 40s!

Kelsey and Nancy are giving away a  print copy of IN FOR A PENNY to one (1) lucky commenter.  Do you have a family story that would make a good book?  Do tell, briefly, we’re all ears!  Giveaway ends @12am est 11-11-13.  Good luck y’all!

Kelsey Browning writes sass kickin’ love stories and Southern cozy suspense. Originally from a small Texas town, Kelsey has also lived in the Middle East and Los Angeles, proving she’s either adventurous or downright nuts. These days, she hangs out in northeast Georgia with Tech Guy, Smarty Boy, Bad Dog and Pharaoh, a Canine Companions for Independence puppy. She’s currently at work on the next book in her Texas Nights contemporary romance series and The Granny Series. For info on her upcoming single title releases, drop by http://www.KelseyBrowning.com.

Nancy Naigle writes love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Nancy now calls a small farm in southern Virginia home. She’s currently at work on the next book in her Adams Grove series and The Granny Series. Stay in touch with Nancy on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to her newsletter on her website ~ www.NancyNaigle.com.