Ian Hamilton, the Viscount Warrick, goes to London in search of Evangeline Caruthers.  If not for her his father and brother, Geoff, would still be alive.  When Ian finally locates Evangeline at a ball things don’t add up and events quickly go awry.  Before Ian can say boo-hiss he’s being forced to marry the woman he sought to revenge himself on.    

Why are heroes and heroines always going off half cocked and loaded for bear?  In Ian’s case it’s because he believed, not his stepmother Lucinda, but his sister Charlotte.  This is understandable given his grief over his brother.  His actions, even when forced to marry a woman he believes to be a wanton responsible for several deaths, are consistently honorable and he’s a good hero.

Evangeline is a Roma princess but to the ton, she’s mixed and tainted.  This truth is brought home while she’s trying to convince her Uncle Gideon not to force her to marry Ian.  Evangeline, or Vangie, is lovely, honest, and overall a good person.  She doesn’t place herself above others and accepts what life presents her and makes the best of it.  This has served her well considering how she’s been forced to live since her parents’ death.

THE VISCOUNTS VOW is full of delightful characters like Jasper, Miss Tanssen, and Ailsa, not to mention the Romani.  The characters make THE VISCOUNTS VOW.

There’s a simmering undercurrent of danger.  Readers will easily note the numerous accidents and threats against Ian.  The who isn’t hard to figure out but it takes a bit longer for Ian to make the connection.  He’s a bit distracted by Vangie.

The Roma, their culture and lifestyle were interesting and the clash between the two cultures added depth.  Evangeline has a foot in both worlds.

There’s a lot to like about THE VISCOUNT’S VOW however, I did have a few issues.

I never quite got the whole deal with Vangie’s fathers will.  Was it forged?  Couldn’t this be proven especially if her Uncle Gideon, given his connections, chose to do so?  What was I missing?

The Big Misunderstanding between Ian and Vangie once they’ve settled into Somersfield. This behavior was unworthy of Vangie.  It wasn’t true to her character and previous conduct.  It came across as contrived.

There is an incident with highwaymen and a dagger on Ian and Vangie’s initial journey to Somersfield.  When it’s referred to later it’s a gun not a dagger.  A blatant mistake that yanked me right out of the world so carefully crafted.

The final confrontation with those behind all the accidents was a bit simplistic and pat for me.  Maybe I’m just getting vindictive in my old age.

THE VISCOUNTS VOW shows a lot of potential and promise.  The characters were wonderfully vibrant and it’s been a long time since I read a historical that included the Roma.  While there were issues I enjoyed it enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to read Highlander’s Hope.

3.25 stars

Anyone here read TVV yet?  What did you think?  Let’s discuss it…:)