MIDNIGHT INK centers around a tattoo shop on Canal St. in New Orleans.  Most of the stories are about it’s artists finding the love of their lives.  I had already bought MIDNIGHT INK for my personal TBR mountain when Sidney Bristol emailed me about reviewing the anthology.  Long story short we decided on posting my review here & she offered to give away two (2) ecopies.  The stories range from hardcore BDSM to wonderfully sweet.  

Since tattoos is the theme do you have one, considering one,  or no frilling way?  I don’t have one & have no intentions of getting one. Nothing against them but they’re not for me.  Giveaway ends @12am est on 12-26-13 with the winners announced shortly thereafter. Good luck y’all!

Now, without further ado,  I give y’all MIDNIGHT INK..:) 


REPORT FOR BOOTY ~ Jane Rylon ~ 3.75 stars

When straitlaced marine, Burke, dumps free spirit, Chavon, upon receiving deployment papers he believes he’s doing the honorable thing.  Chavon has other ideas about the situation believing it’s cowardly and she should have a say in the decision.

What happens when fate brings a damaged Burke and Chavon back together three years after he left?

I’m a sucker for military heroes and Burke is one of the best I’ve read in a while.  Chavon is no slouch in the heroine department either, really enjoyed her uniqueness.  When Lady Fate and her son Twist have their way with Burke and Chavon it makes for one sweet sizzling read.

PICTURE HER BOUND ~ Sidney Bristol ~ 3.5 stars

Officer Odalia Foucheaux is in a pickle when pictures of her after hours job are stolen and needs the help of bounty hunter Jacques Savoy.  Jacques wants more than Odalia’s safety, he wants her completely.

While BDSM may not be for everyone there is obviously an undeniable allure judging by the explosion of this romance sub-genre.  I confess that I don’t read a lot of these because in the beginning most of the women were so meek and annoying.  That isn’t the case with Odalia.  She’s got spunk thank goodness.   I like the balance Ms. Bristol brings to the characters and their beginning relationship.  Odalia and Jacques multi ethnic backgrounds add uniqueness and in the case of Jacques, some interesting bayou culture tidbits.   The mystery involving the stolen pictures brings the spice of danger rounding out the story nicely.

NOT SO OVER ELI ~ Robin L. Rotham ~ 3.25 stars

When Rhonda’s fiancé, Bart, confesses to a brief affair with another man in college she knows there are unresolved issues.  To confront the past head on she and Bart travel to New Orleans and she makes an appointment for a navel piercing at Midnight Ink with the Elijah, the man in her fiance’s past.  Is she making a mistake or clearing the way for their future?

NOT SO OVER ELI is for fans of true ménage a trois not a pair and a spare fans.  I did pick up some interesting Cajun phrases.

INKED MEMORIES ~ P.G. Forte ~ 4 stars

Sophie wants a commemorative tattoo and what she gets is blast from the past with bad boy and celebrity tattoo artist Declan Ross.

Between them Sophie and Declan cover any way you can think of for a person to be scarred.  INKED MEMORIES is all about moving beyond and second chances.  Keep those tissues handy.

TO THE BONE ~ R.G. Alexander ~ 4.5 stars

Etta Santos is marking her twenty-ninth year with a tattoo, a birthday gift from her friend, Rosie.  This year will be her re-birth, a new beginning if only she can face the needles and actually get the tattoo.

Christopher Ryder aka Christie is no longer a member of the rock band, Midnight Ryder.  Something was missing from his life and he knew he’d find it by returning home to New Orleans and buying his uncle’s tattoo shop, Midnight Ink.  He writes music when he wants and for artists he wants to work with.  Life is good but he’s still missing his muse until he sees her pacing Canal Street before abruptly entering Midnight Ink.

Etta has some serious past issues to overcome and Christie is just the man to help her do that.  The fact that Etta’s had a crush on Christie since she was thirteen and before he was famous doesn’t hurt.

Everything about Etta, Christie and their story appealed to me.  My connection with the characters was quick and effortless.  Etta’s past and struggle to regain herself resonated with me.  I’ve not read any of the Bone Daddy series (though I may have a couple) but after TO THE BONE they’ve been put at the top of my TBR mountain.  This is my favorite story in the anthology.

DANGEROUSLY INKED ~ Eden Bradley ~ 3.25 stars

Rosie Gallagher may just have found the perfect Dom in Finn Carter but is she ready to truly submit and give all or will fear keep her from finding her HEA?

Serious BDSM.  DANGEROUSLY INKED was probably, for me, the most intense story in the Midnight Ink anthology.  The BDSM is detailed, explicit, and fierce.  Liked the character interactions and the way the story, which runs concurrent with To The Bone, tied them together.  We get to see what went on behind the curtain at Etta’s first session etc.  If you’re into BDSM this is likely to be your favorite.

INK INSPIRED ~ Carrie Ann Ryan ~4.5

Shepard Montgomery is a tattoo artist at Midnight Ink who used to love his job.  Lately his job satisfaction has been zero until Shea Little comes into the shop.  Shep dubs her the Ice Princess and thinks she just might be what he needs.

The perfect odd couple.  Shep, Shea, and their story made me break out in spontaneous smiles, loved it.

BLANK CANVAS ~ Mari Carr ~ 3.5 stars

Jennifer O’Neal lost the man she considered her best friend when he decided, after seventeen years of marriage, that there had to be more to life by finding it with someone else.  Now she’s decided to break out by getting a tattoo from Caliph at Midnight Ink, or not.

Caliph is just what Jennifer needs to discover her true nature, hidden for so long. Caliph is surprised at his reaction to Jennifer and just how far he’s willing to go.

I like that older women are coming into their own in romances.  Better to discover yourself, passion, and love late than never at all.