CHERYL HOLT will leave readers cheering with the dazzling, sexy conclusion to her ”Reluctant Brides” trilogy…Book Trailer

Evangeline Etherton loved her years as a teacher at Miss Peabody’s School for Girls.  But with Miss Peabody’s passing, the school is shut down, and Evangeline is on her way to marry a fiancé she’s never met.  She never imagined herself as a bride and is reluctant to abandon the independent life she enjoyed as an unwed female.  When she meets her fiancée—a fussy, stern vicar—she’s certain she shouldn’t proceed.  They have nothing common and a match between them can only lead to disaster and misery.  But as a spinster with no funds or family, she’s out of options.


Aaron Drake has always been perfect.  As the eldest son and heir to an earl, he’s never engaged in mischief, taken an awkward step, or headed in the wrong direction.  But with his marriage swiftly approaching—to a tedious, unpleasant snob—he’s suddenly desperate to do something reckless and wild before he’s shackled in what he’s sure will be an unappealing and dreary marriage.  When he meets pretty, vivacious Evangeline, he can’t help but think she just might be the cure for what ails him.

Seduction seems the only path, but when romance blossoms and passions heat, can love be far behind?

RELUCTANT BRIDES…  When love is the key and dowry the bait, who can predict what a woman might do?

One of my favorite shades of green.  Would hate all that lacing & all though.  Couldn’t really get dressed by yourself could you?

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