This is a great contemporary series y’all & I can’t recall when I enjoyed a modern day romance romance any magic etc  more…:)  Have any of you read these yet?  Thoughts?  Love to hear ’em & discuss!


Grace Brighton is Love in Stiletto’s Dating, Love, and Sex triumvirate.  When her long term relationship falls apart she takes a short sabbatical.  Grace returns to Stiletto as Grace 2.0 with a thing or two to prove to herself and her readers.  Her first assignment is a series of “first impression” and “who is better at reading the opposite sex” dates with Jake Malone of Oxford, the male version of Stiletto.

Piece of cake for Grace 2.0, right?

Grace is refined while Jake has a man about town reputation.  Intelligent, humorous, witty, and charming, Grace and Jake are evenly matched.  When their friendly contest captures the imagination of New York and beyond exploding on social media and the internet, Grace and Jake find themselves on the horns of a dilemma.

There was nothing about LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH I didn’t enjoy.

For me as with most readers it’s mental.  That being said, LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH contains one of the most erotic lines I’ve ever read striking a deep chord and completely nailing it for me, “his words all over her mind”.  In an amorous setting with the right words wouldn’t that make you go all warm and gooey?   It certainly turned me mushy.

Readers get up close and personal insight into Jake and Grace via their thoughts and unrevealed desires. This knowledge brings increased tension and humor to their “dates” in addition to revealing just how good each is at reading the other.  How far are they willing to go in the name of journalism?  Where do they draw the line?

LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH is an utter delight to read earning a spot on my keeper shelf.   Second in the Stiletto series it can easily be read as a stand-alone.

4.5 stars