Online magazine writer Molly Hallberg is staring down the barrel of forty.  After a failed marriage to divorce lawyer Evan she’s currently in a comfortable long term relationship with chiropractor Russell.  She’s settled and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.  Is there?

Deirdre Dolson, editor in chief of the online newsmagazine EyeSpy assigns Molly to write an article about love and romance a la Nora Ephron.  Molly doesn’t write love articles, she’s the fearless journalist who does off the wall daring do for her craft; she’s a cynic when it comes to love.  However; if it gets her closer to her own column, well she’s game.

Molly’s perfectly happy with Russell and their agreeable relationship until a chance meeting with mystery author Cameron Duncan in the Hamptons.  She hadn’t even known he existed and suddenly he’s popping up everywhere.  She prides herself on being the one woman who isn’t affected by his self-effacing charm.  Molly is in the throes of denial.

Definite shades of Bridget Jones and solidly in the chick-lit realm, WHAT NORA KNEW is an homage to Nora Ephron and her romantic movies, chiefly Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail.  If you don’t care for these or Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks you might want to give WHAT NORA KNEW a pass because they play a significant role.

Molly and her life are humorously appealing with numerous laugh out loud moments and assignments.  New York via Molly comes to life giving the “big city” a personal feel.  Her encounters with Cameron are replete with delightful repartee as they, Molly mainly, tap dance around the elephant in the room.   This brings me to my only real complaint, Cameron.  While charming he felt distant. We’re given an in-depth look at Molly and only the surface of Cameron. He’s filtered through Molly’s concepts and doubts.  His growth consists of actions off stage and learned of through others.  My personal preference is for as intimate an insight into Cameron as we had with Molly.

Overall, WHAT NORA KNEW is an enjoyable laugh out loud read that just misses being a keeper.

3.5 stars

Chick-lit fan yes or no? If yes,  do you have a favorite?  Personally I find it highly entertaining & a welcome change of pace.  Anyone else read WHAT NORA KNEW yet?  Thoughts?