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AWNBcoverSir Edward Chambers, Ned to his friends, is a consummate gentleman.  He comes to London to let a house and give his daughter a proper season.  Ned has mourned the death of his wife, Annalee, for three years.  He also carries the guilt of being responsible for her death.

His friend Viscount Ludovic DeVere, better known as the Devil DeVere, thinks he has taken mourning too far and sets out to rectify Ned’s celibacy.

Phoebe, new Covent Garden actress, is persuaded to go to a subscription only Otaheitian Feast of Venus at Charlotte Hayes’ exclusive King’s Place brothel in search of a protector.

Phoebe wasn’t always an actress nor is that what she aspired to; Phoebe has a secret that has led her to this point.  One does what one has to, desperate times and all that.

Ms.Vane skillfully manages to capture the debauched decadence available to those willing and able to pay the price in Georgian times.

A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE is more than a bawdy romp through Georgian London, it’s a love story between two people life and love haven’t exactly been kind to.

Excellent characterization, vivid historical depictions, attention to detail, and lack of the traditional “tied in a pretty bow” ending make A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE a recommended read.  I’m looking forward to the next novellas in the series, most especially Devil DeVere’s story.

4 stars

THV Template2THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS picks up precisely where A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE left off.  Ned and Phoebe are left alone at the country estate while Diana escapes with Vesta to the rented London townhouse to prepare for Vesta’s come out.  The hunting should be better in the country but Vesta finds it much more to her liking in London.  THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS is delightfully apropos.

THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS is like dark chocolate bonbons and sparkling champagne.  An effervescent concoction of wit, humor, charm and sensuality with a touch of past bitterness revealed.

I couldn’t help but snicker at Diana’s snarky mental asides as she and Ned discuss her venturing to London with Vesta sans him and Phoebe.  Ned and Diana’s conversation hints at a hidden past between Diana and Vic (Devil) with a foreshadowing of tantalizing possibilities.  Put Vic and Diana in a bag, shake it up and see who comes out.  I can barely wait.

Captain Hewett DeVere, Ludovic (Vic /Devil) DeVere’s younger brother.  Handsome and dashing war hero wounded in the battle of Cowpens, South Carolina during the American Revolution.  Hew appears to be all his brother is not.  Vic has even offered Hew powerful inducements to wed and provide an heir to carry on the title and line.  Vic has neither intention nor desire to enter into the undesirable state of holy wedlock.

Hew possesses all the desirable hero traits with a few extras thrown in.  What’s not to love?  There are few heroes around who can match Hew.

Vesta is one tad spoiled, determined, willful, and surprisingly discerning little miss. Hoyden doesn’t even scratch the surface with Vesta.  However, she does know her own mind and isn’t averse to doing what needs must to get the job done.  With the blessing and resources of her wickedly accommodating Uncle Vic and the services of his stable master Pratt at her disposal Vesta becomes an even more formidable force.  Capt. Hewett DeVere doesn’t stand a snowballs chance.

During the unconventional chase and capture courtship of Hew and Vesta; Hew reveals a telling piece of his and Vic’s shared past.  This explains his life choices and adds yet another layer to the conundrum that is Devil.

Concurrent to Hew and Vesta is the resumption of the Diana/Vic attraction and denial dance.

The battle lines have been drawn but poor Hew is clueless.  Has he lost the battle before it’s even begun or does he manage to give as good as he gets?

If you enjoyed A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE you’ll most likely love THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS.  I certainly did. Wickedly scandalous actions, delightful twists, a titillating surprise, and hints of darker things to come will have you just as anxious as I am for the next installment.

4 stars

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