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High-Heeled Wonder Excerpt by Avery Flynn

A tall shadow fell on the cookies. “Sorry I’m late, traffic was snarled up on West Fifty-Seventh.”

Sylvie’s heart stuttered against her ribcage. That warm, caramel voice. The sudden static of awareness in the air. An inexplicable heat warming her skin.

Please God, don’t let the potential bodyguard be the man she’d ranted and raved to—and then almost kissed—at the wedding.

She held her breath and turned to see the man the voice belonged to. Sure enough, Tony Falcon stood next to her in jeans and a smirk, both of which made her wish she’d bothered to put on lipstick and eyeliner.

His thick, black hair, combed only by his fingers no doubt, touched the collar of his vintage motorcycle jacket. It didn’t just look old, it was old. The black leather had faded creases on the inside of the elbows and the sunburnt outline of a badge that probably hadn’t been attached to the jacket for decades. Underneath he wore a gray, ribbed Henley pulled taut across his muscular chest and tucked into a pair of worn jeans, soft from wear. A few days’ growth highlighted his square jaw and shadowed the chin dimple that Sylvie had first noticed in the Grand Hibiscus Hotel garden.

For a second she wondered if having a bodyguard wouldn’t really be that bad, but quickly pushed the idea aside. She would not return to acting like that scared little girl in foster care who read two levels below her grade and raised her fists at every hint of a threat.

“Crazy traffic today, isn’t it?” Anton looked at her with a dangerous sparkle in his eyes. “Why don’t you take a seat next to our darling—and single—Sylvie. She’s a successful fashion blogger, graduated at the top of her class at Brown, and has a brilliant sense of humor.”

Just when she thought she’d die of embarrassment, her father took a deep breath and continued the introduction. “Sylvie, darling, this handsome man is Tony Falcon. He is a former police detective who now owns Maltese Security. Obviously, he has a sense of humor, considering that pun. He spent last summer restoring a 1969 Harley Davidson motorcycle—which I hereby order you never to come within an inch of—and makes the best lasagna I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.”

Anton beamed at them, his hands folded in his lap, as Tony sat down beside her. Henry shook his head and sipped more green tea, as usual unfazed by his partner’s actions.

“Nice to see you again.” Tony’s voice alone curled her toes.

Henry perked up. “You know each other?”

Sylvie kept her gaze firmly locked on the plate of cookies as her cheeks burned. “We met at Anya’s wedding.”

“Really.” Henry’s voice had gone so cold his tea could have frozen. “I thought we’d made it perfectly clear Sylvie wasn’t to know you were acting as her bodyguard at the wedding.”

“She didn’t.” Tony cleared his throat. “Until about two seconds ago.”

A thrum started behind her eyes, vibrating her brain against her skull. “What do you mean guarding me?”


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High-Heeled Wonder by Avery Flynn

“When a fashionista and her bodyguard get tangled up together, watch out for sizzling sex and surprising plot twists.”  New York Times best seller Rebecca York

Tony Falcon, an investigator from the other side of the tracks, is the olive oil to fashion blogger Sylvie Bissette’s Evian water, but it’s not just her temper he’s inciting. When Sylvie’s stalker almost runs her over in broad daylight, Tony must pose as her boyfriend to infiltrate the close-knit fashion community. In a world full of overblown egos and cutthroat ambition, Sylvie and Tony must work together to find her stalker before she ends up with a literal knife in the back.

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