How is everyone out there doing?  Did y’all have wonderfully warm & loving holidays?  Make any New Year resolutions?  I never do…:)

What’s up in your lives?  Certainly hope y’all are good & things are going well.

We’ve had snow and cold out the ying yang here in Michigan.  It’s the worst winter in 25 years.  It could be worse so I’m trying hard not to bellyache too much.  I am a Georgia peach though & acclimation or not, these temps & snow aren’t my thing!  HRH bundled & ready to play in the snow w/ mommy.

1-11-14 hrh bundled 1-25-14 hrh playing in the snow

I’ve had HRH a lot lately which puts me to the wire on reading, reviewing, & blogging.  Having all boys she’s quite a revelation & experience.  Drama, thy name is Gwendolyn.  She tries but it doesn’t get her far,  Mama doesn’t play those games.:D  Here’s my lil fairy princess wearing her Tinkerbell wings & costume entranced by her latest favorite movie.

my lil fairy princess

Youngest now has his learner’s & is pestering me daily to let him drive.  Considering my passenger side mirror is being held in w/ duct tape until it’s warm enough for DH to fix I’m not anxious to let him drive.  The mirror incident happened when I let him back out of the garage prior to driving school one night.  God gimme strength!

We have a French student staying with us for a few weeks.  The constant going & doing etc…is also taking a toll on what’s needed to keep up w/ what I’m obligated to do.  Youngest is really enjoying it though, Francophile that he is, but I really don’t think we’ll do this again.

Tell me hat y’all are doing & reading!  

Are you enjoying the books, authors, & giveaways?  A publicist asked today if I’d be interested in featuring Audible books.   How do y’all feel about that?  I don’t listen myself but  tell me your thoughts.  After all y’all, my fellow lovers of books & reading, are the ones I do this for so HOLLER & lemme know!    

Better get these reviews done while I have 2 mins to rub together.  Y’all stay safe & warm out there!