I don’t know about y’all but I love classic movies.   Old Hollywood with the glamour and bigger than life stars….today’s Hollywood can’t compete.  That and the fact it’s a mystery drew me to PRAY FOR US SINNERS.  I’ll be getting the earlier books.  That’s all my teetering mountain needs!  What can I say?  Y’all understand, dontcha?  Do you prefer the older movies that relied on plot vs special effects?  What are some of your favorite movies?  Actors?  Share with us! 🙂

pray for us sinnersPRAY FOR US SINNERS is the seventh in the Joe Bernardi series.

Joe, Alfred Hitchcock, Montgomery Clift, and Anne Baxter are in Quebec, Canada filming “I Confess”.  Joe balances taking care of assorted production, media, and actor problems with solving the murder of high profile defense attorney Daniel Bruckner.

PRAY FOR US SINNERS, set against the backdrop of Hitchcock and Montgomery Clift’s difference difficulties while filming “I Confess” in Quebec, brings the glamour and mystique of old Hollywood to brilliant life.

Joe Bernardi works in the Press and Publicity Department of Warner Brothers Studios.  Joe refers to himself as a feather merchant.  He makes the stars brighter, runs interference, and fixes problems.  Considering the egos and magnitude of those around him that’s hardly an easy job even on a good day.  Despite never having read any of the prior books I had no trouble following the characters nor did I ever feel at a loss.  That being said, my curiosity has definitely been aroused about exactly who Bunny is and why she inspires such passion and devotion in Joe.  I’ll be searching out the first six to answer those questions.

The who and why of Daniel’s murder was fairly predictable and easily solved; especially for those who read or watch a lot of mysteries.  In all honesty it wasn’t the mystery that kept me reading.  What captured me was the treasure trove of wonderful characters, both real and created, the true life story surrounding the filming of “I Confess”, and feeling I’d been transported to early 1950’s Quebec.

PRAY FOR US SINNERS is nostalgia with a side of mystery.

3.5 stars